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From The Ski Diva Forum

Just wondering if there is interest... I do both nordic and alpine.... [...]

I demoed the Volkl Blaze 86 in 159 and 166 lengths today and shockingly LOVED them! It’s shocking for me because I am not a Volkl fan at all. I… [...]

Hi As long as they fit properly, I have never thought that ski poles matter much (for general resort skiing, blacks and bumps) I don't think I would like the… [...]

Historically I've never listened to music while skiing, but I'd like to start. I am not a gearhead at all, so ideally you all could just tell me what helmet… [...]

So, my goggles are made to fit over glasses but wearing glasses with goggles is so uncomfortable. Is there any solution? Does anyone have the same issue? [...]