To buy or not to buy?

To buy or not to buy?

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 09/17/09 •  2 min read

That, indeed, is the question.

Last season I vowed I’d buy nothing. Nadda. Zip. No new ski equipment at all.

Yeah, right.

Aside from skis, I bought all new everything: gloves, boots, poles, jackets (2 of these, actually), ski pants, base layers. You get the picture.

It’s really shameful. But the deals were just too good. I just couldn’t pass them up.

This year I vowed the same. After all, after last season, what else could I possibly need? Except I blew it already. During my visit to the outlets at Freeport, Maine (home of LL Bean), I succumbed. I ended up with a North Face Thunder Jacket (but it was just what I was looking for! And at such a good price!) and a classic ski sweater (perfect for book signings!).

Did I need these things? No. But skiing is my weakness, and need had nothing to do with it.

Anyway, my intention when I started this post was to direct you to a listing of the many ski swaps you can find this time of year; excellent sources for gear that’s either used or just left over from last year. Follow this link to a thread over at TheSkiDiva.

And happy shopping. Like me, you may find a deal that’s just too good to pass up.

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