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Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, a gear head or someone who skis on whatever you've found at the swap, you’ll love TheSkiDiva.com. We’re a community of women who share a passion for sliding down the mountain on two sticks. Here you can talk about skiing in a way that you can relate to, without the male-orientation you’ll find at other ski forums or publications. There's loads of great information on everything and anything related to skiing. It’s fun and informative, with something new every day — so check back often.


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From The Ski Diva Forum

I tried a few volkl while spring skiing at palisade alpine meadows and mammoth last week blaze 82 in 156 length were zippy and I had fun until the heavy… [...]

The demo skis I were eyeing is on sale. I'm going to pull the trigger on another pair of skis. Yay. [...]

I think most of the threads are older but I'm an avid rider. My first love was skiing my second was horses. What does everyone do? Anyone own horses? I… [...]

Since getting a bike in early 2021 I have been going a lot! Last season I took clinics at Bolton Valley for women and I learned how to properly corner… [...]

Hi ladies, so my first two icebreaker base layer pants got holes all over the places after a few washes. I used Tide Simply Clean and lukewarm water and handwashed… [...]