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Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, a gear head or someone who skis on whatever you've found at the swap, you’ll love TheSkiDiva.com. We’re a community of women who share a passion for sliding down the mountain on two sticks. Here you can talk about skiing in a way that you can relate to, without the male-orientation you’ll find at other ski forums or publications. There's loads of great information on everything and anything related to skiing. It’s fun and informative, with something new every day — so check back often.


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From The Ski Diva Forum

So, DH and I are buying snowshoes for the upcoming winter. Keeping in mind that this is a VERY casual thing, and they will likely only be used a handful… [...]

Please do not let this be a sign for the winter weather! https://vtdigger.org/2021/10/15/mou...il&utm_term=0_dc3c5486db-39160780f4-406152166 [...]

I'm going to have some time off in October, and I want to do a fun solo trip. One idea is looking at fall colors in Vermont/etc. Not only have… [...]

I thought I'd start a thread for those of us following the World Cup races. I'm in the US and watch on Peacock, but I think they're also available on… [...]

I'm a 73 years old intermediate skier who lives near Chicago. The idea of advancing out of or at least up from Blue runs has always interested me. Anyone know… [...]

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