Meet On The Hill: How To Attend or Plan a Ski Diva Meetup

By Rachel Vecchitto •  Updated: 08/11/23 •  4 min read

Every season, members of The Ski Diva forum host informal meetups for members of the site to get together. These can be very casual, small, and last-minute, or planned further in advance with a bigger group. They take place throughout the US and even the world, and are a great way to meet other women to ski with if you aren’t ready to make the commitment of attending a Diva Week. Meeting other Divas to ski in person is truly one of the best parts of this community, and we really encourage you to give it a shot.

Here are some answers to questions you might have before you meet up to ski with other Divas for the first time.

How do I find out about Diva meetups?

Once you’ve posted on the forum 25 times, you’ll be able to access the “Divas Only” section. We keep any threads here where members might prefer more privacy, which includes threads where we discuss meetup times and locations. The Divas Only section includes the Meet On The Hill (MOTH) forum, which has a thread for every informal meetup that Divas are planning. Browse around a bit and see if anyone is already planning to ski together near you!

Where are Diva meetups held?

Diva meetups are held throughout the US and even the world – anywhere there’s a member of the site who’s looking for other women to ski with. Recently, Divas have met up to ski together in Mammoth, CA; throughout Vermont; Tremblant, Quebec; Taos, NM; Beaver Creek, CO; Alta, UT; and even indoors at Big Snow in NJ. If you’re a registered forum member with at least 25 posts, you can see all the places where we’ve had meetups recently in the Meet On The Hill (MOTH) forum here.

Can anyone attend a Diva meetup?

Yes! If someone has posted a thread in the Meet On The Hill (MOTH) forum, it means they’re happy to have other Divas show up. If you’re not sure if the meetup will be a good match in terms of ability or terrain preference, ask in the thread! Most Diva meetups include skiers with a range of abilities and preferences.

Can we do things other than ski?

Yes! While Diva meetups are usually about skiing, we also have meetups for ski shows, meals, and off-season sports like biking and kayaking. If other Divas are interested, you can have a Diva meetup.

How will I know how to find everyone?

Each meetup is a one-off event that’s organized however the attendees prefer. Sometimes all the details are in the thread, sometimes people coordinate using private messages using the “conversations” feature on the site, and sometimes people share email or phone contact info privately once it’s clear who’s coming.

Bigger meetups, especially those that include Divas who haven’t met before, will almost always include one or more planned meeting times and places where everyone can find each other.

If the details of the day aren’t clear, ask in the thread!

How can I plan my own Diva meetup?

If you’d like to plan your own Diva meetup, all you need to do is start a thread in the Meet On The Hill (MOTH) forum. Include the date and location in the thread title and see if anyone else is interested. Your post can be very specific (“I’ll be skiing A-Basin the morning of January 20th from 9am until noon and would love some company!”) or more general (“I’m thinking of spending a long weekend in southern Vermont in late March. Will anyone else be skiing around then that might like to meet up?”). There really aren’t any rules except a willingness to ski with other Divas.

Did we miss anything?

If there’s anything you’d like to know about The Ski Diva meetups that we didn’t cover, ask in the thread about meetups in the Meet On The Hill (MOTH) forum. The members of The Ski Diva will do our best to answer any questions you have, and we’ll update this guide with any new information that comes up. You have to be a member of The Ski Diva with at least 25 posts to access that section of the forum, so join today if you’re not a member yet!