Diva Weeks: Everything You Need to Know About Attending a Ski Diva Ski Trip

By Rachel Vecchitto •  Updated: 07/22/23 •  6 min read

Each season, The Ski Diva has two official trips that let us all spend some time skiing together. They’re not always a week long, but we call them “Diva Weeks” anyway. Meeting other Divas to ski in person is truly one of the best parts of this community, and we really encourage you to give it a shot.

Here are some answers to questions you might have before you show up for your first Diva Week.

How many Diva Weeks are there, and where are they held?

For now, we have two official Diva Weeks: one in the west (called Diva West) and one in the east (called Diva East). They’re held in different locations each year. Past Diva West locations have included Steamboat, Tahoe, Summit County, Mammoth, Taos, and Aspen. Past Diva East locations have included Sugarloaf, Killington, Jay Peak, Whiteface, Sunday River, and Sugarbush.

When are the dates and locations chosen?

We choose dates and locations for each season’s Diva Weeks at the end of the previous season, ideally while passes are available at their lowest prices. While there’s no official timeline, you can expect that we’ll choose the details for the following season’s trips around May.

Are there Diva meetups in other locations in addition to Diva Weeks?

Yes! Every season, members of The Ski Diva organize unofficial meetups at other locations throughout the US and even the world. Recently, Divas have met up to ski together in Mammoth, CA; throughout Vermont; Tremblant, Quebec; Taos, NM; Beaver Creek, CO; Alta, UT; and even indoors at Big Snow in NJ. If you’re a registered forum member with at least 25 posts, you can see all the threads used to organize these meetups in the Meet On The Hill (MOTH) forum here.

For more information about other Diva meetups, check out this post.

Who can attend? Can I bring my partner or friend?

Anyone is welcome to attend Diva Weeks, no matter how long you’ve been a member of the site or how often you post. Friends, spouses, kids, and other family members are welcome as well. The more, the merrier.

Can I attend if I’m a beginner?

Skiers (and riders) of all levels are welcome to attend Diva Weeks! No matter your ability level, there will be other Divas to ski with.

How long are Diva Weeks?

Diva West is a week long, and usually runs from Saturday to Saturday. People often use the Saturdays as travel days and ski Sunday through Friday. Diva East is usually a bit shorter, since most people drive to attend rather than flying, and typically runs from Sunday through Wednesday or Thursday.

Do I have to stay the entire time?

Come for the entirety of the scheduled dates, pop in for a day or two, come for a long weekend, or stay an extra few days to check out another nearby mountain –  it’s completely up to you!

When were the first Diva Weeks?

The first Diva West was held in March 2008 at Solitude in Utah. The first Diva East was held in January 2011 at Sugarloaf in Maine. With a few exceptions, they’ve been held every year since.

Is there group lodging?

There’s no group lodging or discounts available for Diva Weeks; everyone who attends is responsible for booking their own lodging. Attendees do often share lodging, but that’s all organized individually. We always have a mix of attendees staying alone, with family, with friends, or with other Divas.

Are there group ticket deals?

There are no group ticket deals available for Diva Weeks. We do our best to lock in the details early enough to allow everyone to get the lowest prices possible while choosing their passes for the upcoming season.

How will I be able to find other Divas on the trip?

We have group meetups every morning of the trip to allow Divas to boot up together and make a plan for the day. Depending on how things have been going, we’ll often also have late morning and lunch meetup locations so people can regroup, or join up after getting a late start. Daily meetup locations will be planned and posted in the forum in the weeks leading up to the trip.

There’s also a group text or WhatsApp group or similar depending on the preferences of the Divas on each trip for more ad-hoc and last minute planning. This is also organized in the forum in the weeks leading up to the trip.

Finally, if you’re interested, we hand out ribbons to attach to your ski helmet. These make it easier to spot other Divas and friends when everyone is out on the hill.

Does everyone ski together?

Sometimes everyone skis together, but in practice any bigger groups usually split into smaller groups after a few runs. Groups form based on ability, terrain preference, energy level, desired lunch location, and more. Multiple daily meetup locations make it easy to switch things up and ski with different groups of Divas throughout the day and throughout the trip.

Are there group meals or other official get togethers?

We do our best to plan one or two group dinners or get togethers over the course of the week. Depending on the size of the group and where everyone is staying it can be hard to coordinate larger gatherings, but we do try. Any bigger events are discussed and finalized on the forum in the weeks leading up to the trip. There’s no pressure to attend these if you’d rather cook in your condo or just have some time alone to recharge.

What the dates and locations for the 2024 trips?

Diva East will be at Jay Resort, starting on March 17. Diva West will be at Steamboat, from January 27 – February 3.

Details for the 2024 trips can be found in the Diva Weeks 2024 forum. You can only see these threads if you’re signed-in and a member with at least 25 posts. This helps us make sure there’s a reasonable amount of privacy when discussing accommodations and other personal details.

We’d love it if you joined us for a trip for the 23-24 season!

Did we miss anything?

If there’s anything you’d like to know about Diva Weeks that we didn’t cover, ask in the thread about Diva Weeks in the Meet On The Hill (MOTH) forum. The members of The Ski Diva will do our best to answer any questions you have, and we’ll update this guide with any new information that comes up. You have to be a member of The Ski Diva with at least 25 posts to access that section of the forum, so join today if you’re not a member yet!

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