A Peek at the 2010’s: Part 2

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 02/12/09 •  3 min read


Yes, I have a weakness for Head skis, directly attributable to jealousy over my sister’s Head 360’s in 1969 or 1970. Actually, I had Head Monster IM-70’s a few years ago, and I really liked them.

In 2010, Head is offering the same line up with one new addition: the Perfect One, a carver with a 67 waist. It’s pretty bland looking, but a nice ski, nonetheless. The narrow waist makes it go from edge to edge very nicely, and it has good rebound. The other skis are carry-overs from this season, with new graphics. I also skied the Wild One and the Every One. The Wild One is the equivalent of the company’s Monster IM82. It’s a very stable, solid ski with an 81 waist and a vertical sidewall. Good energy to it, too. And I love the graphics. The Every One is white with the name available in either orange or blue. It’s a versatile, nimble ski that’s light and quick. I neglected to get the waist size on this; I think it’s in the lower to mid 70’s.


These take the prize for the most beautiful graphics. The Black Magic is gorgeous: black with little flecks of colors embedded throughout, and a little crystal embellishment. The ’10 Black Magic is a little stiffer than this year’s model (they added wave technology). I skied them, and found them to be a good intermediate ski.

I also skied the Free Spice. This is a wider ski (88 waist); I wish I could’ve tried this in powder , but alas – no new snow. It has really cool new graphics — kind of a splattered paint look. Other than that, the ski is the same as this year’s. The Free Spice is based on the men’s 888 Alu, without the metal.

Lastly, I tried the Speed Magic. This is Elan’s top of the line. It’s 67 or 70 underfoot (can’t remember), and very fast and responsive. A fine carver and very lively and easy to turn.


When you walk by a booth where there’s a sign saying they have the lightest ski out there, you just have to give it a try. I couldn’t resist. Goode Skis are made entirely of carbon fiber. And they ARE very light. You especially notice it when you go up the lift. But this lightness comes at a price: I found myself getting knocked around in the snow a bit. So no.

(To be continued…..)

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