Dear Santa….

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 12/13/11 •  3 min read

Please forgive me. I know, it’s terrible that I only write you once a year, but I hate to be a bother when you’re on vacation. I’m sure you’re plenty pooped after the Christmas rush. I mean, visiting millions of homes in just a matter of hours can’t be easy. And  supervising all those elves — talk about labor problems! I picture you spending the rest of the year lounging on the beach, just you and Mrs. Claus, perhaps reading a book and drinking a frosty Margherita with an orange slice perched on the rim.

Anyway, now that Christmas is coming, I know you’re back on the job. So I thought I’d give you a hand with some gift ideas for all the good little Ski Divas out there. I’m sure many of them have already put in requests for  skis, boots, helmets, jackets, and so on. But there are other things Ski Divas might like, too. So here are some ideas:

* Lift Tickets: Leaving one or two in the stocking will make a Diva very, very happy. I know you’re probably too busy to go to the ticket window yourself, so if you can’t spare an elf to do the job for you, you can always buy on line at the resort’s web site. Or you can buy from a discount site like or

• A women’s ski clinic: I’ve listed a bunch in my last post, so take your pick. Why not help her improve her skiing? There’s a clinic for every ability, so pick the one that best suits her ability and geography.

• Bling: Ski Divas aren’t immune to a little bit of sparkle, and I know just the thing. TheSkiDiva earrings and necklace, made of sterling silver and handcrafted right here in Vermont. You can order them here.

TheSkiDiva necklace.


• Books. Conveniently enough, I’ve written two ski mysteries that are perfect for reading apres-ski, curled up by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa: DOUBLE BLACK: A SKI DIVA MYSTERY, and FADE TO WHITE. Both feature Stacey Curtis, a young woman who moves from Boston to a small Vermont ski town and becomes embroiled in intrigue and (gasp!) murder. Oh, and she skis a lot, too. For more info, go here.

• Fun Diva Stuff: If your elves can’t provide things with on them, I know where you can get them: TheSkiDiva store. There are mugs, hoodies, T-shirts, all sorts of stuff that Divas can use and wear to show their Diva pride.

TheSkiDiva Mug


Stocking stuffers: Hand and toe warmers, lip balm, sunblock, ski straps, energy bars, glove liners, ski locks, all the little things everyone tosses in their ski bag for a day on the slopes.

So there you  have it, Santa. Things that all the Divas can enjoy. Me? What do I want? Oh, how nice of you to ask. Snow! And lots of it! And while you’re at it, throw in an injury-free season. And if you, personally, can’t deliver either of these, then please put in a good word with The Man Upstairs. I’m sure you have some pull.

Happy Holidays,

Ski Diva



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