Booting up!

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 12/22/08 •  3 min read

To celebrate my recent book deal, I did what any self respecting Ski Diva would do: I celebrated by getting myself some new gear.

What did I get, you ask? New ski boots, of course!

My old boots were getting packed out, so I headed for my favorite local bootfitter, Shon Racicot, at Bootpro in Ludlow, VT, for some help. After making a careful examination of my feet and stance, Shon suggested the boot he felt would do the best job: the Atomic Hawx. I tried them on, and even though I really liked what I was feeling, I thought to myself, “This is far too easy. NO ONE gets boots this fast.” So I set out on a “bootquest” of sorts, visiting a number of ski shops in the area to try on boots from a variety of manufacturers. But no matter how many I tried, I kept coming back to the same thing: none of them worked for me like the Atomic Hawx. So back I went to Shon.

Here’s some info I found that describes the Atomic Hawx:

New concept that allows forefoot flexibility through special gills at front of boot that gives better balance, better transmission, more performance for less effort. Less pressure and force on the metatarsal area for superb comfort. The New I-Flex technology puts your stance in a more upright position and with the new Elastic I-Flex Zone it goes to absorb vibrations and unintentional forces to the skis. A new I-Flex Chassis is a mixture of flexible plastics in varying thicknesses for improved comfort, precise fit and performance. Softer components around the cuff and instep area makes the Hawx putting on/taking off easier and gives a more precise fit. .

All I can say is that I’ve skied on these boots seven times with zero issues. That’s right — none. Which is amazing in a new ski boot. They’re actually a full size smaller than my previous boots. And while the fit is snugger — a good thing in a ski boot — there are no hot spots or pressure points. The snugger fit gives me a better feel for my skis and permits better response to the movements of my feet and ankles. The result: better edging, better control, better skiing.

I can’t say if these boots would work for you. The important thing in a ski boot is fit, fit, and again, fit. And to get the best possible fit, don’t just buy boots off the shelf from some big box store. Make sure to visit someone who really knows ski boots, like Shon. Your feet will appreciate it. I know mine do.

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