A Peek at the 2010’s: Part 4

A Peek at the 2010’s: Part 4

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 02/26/09 •  3 min read

Nordica has made some modifications on the Drive, increasing its waist size from 74 to 76 and giving it an integrated binding. The Mint is also 74 vs. 72. I didn’t get around to skiing any of these.

They still have the Conquer, a ski I’ve demoed before and really like, but I’m not nuts about the new color scheme: black and white with chartreuse accents. Bleh.

The Lotta Luv has gone up to 82 in the waist, and they’ve replaced the One Luv with the Free Luv. I took the Lottas out because I know a lot of women like them, but I couldn’t get these off my feet fast enough. I just felt like I was all over the place, forcing them into the turns and not having any fun at all.

Rossi has an extensive line of women’s skis. At the low end is the Harmony, with a side-cut tail that’s supposed to make it easier to come out of a turn. A new ski that I found especially interesting is the Eco(sp.?), which they say is an environmentally friendly ski. The base is made of recycled plastic, and they say they used less petroleum products in its production. 75 underfoot. They’ve also replaced the top end of the Attraxion Series, the 11, with the Attraxion 12, and done away with the arms they used last year (these were supposed to allow you adjust the ski’s flex, depending on conditions and terrain. I thought they were pretty gimmicky) This is based on the men’s Classic 70.

I had to try the Eco, which turned out to be a really nice ski. Responsive, a good carver, light, quick. And I tried the Voodoo 80, which has a slightly turned up tail. I tried the Voodoo last year, but maybe in a different waist size (it comes in several). Whether it was the conditions or the waist size, I liked it this year a lot better. Very responsive, came out of the turn nicely. I’d like to get this in some off piste stuff. I liked this even better than the Eco. A very fun ski.

SO – in a nutshell, my favs of the skis I tried:

Favs of the two days I was there:

Volkl Aurora (yes, I still love these skis)
Volkl Aura
Fischer Koa 84
Rossi Voodoo 80
Elan Free Spice
Head Wild One
Rossi Ecco
Head Perfect One

Thumbs down:

Atomic Double Deck
K2 Lotta Luv (sorry)

The bottom line: there’s something for everyone, and everyone’s different. What appeals to me may not appeal to you. So be sure to try before you buy.

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