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From The Ski Diva Forum

I went to Big Snow, the indoor skiing place in NJ today. I am sick of using my old Quattros (153, soft, narrow) and getting thrown around in the crud… [...]

As the title suggests... We gave Breaking Bad a try: with all the Emmys it has won, critical acclaim, raving fan base - but it's not for us. It's way… [...]

Has anyone skied these boots? Not necessarily the high volume, but any of the S/PRO line? I'm so anxious about pulling the trigger on expensive new boots, even with my… [...]

Northeast Skiology is considering renting Magic for the day in early January, having it open only for people who pre-buy tickets. It'd be on a Monday, maybe January 10.* TheSkiDiva… [...]

Another Diva brought this up in a private message, but it's something I've been wondering about, too: Should we still be planning to have Diva East and West this year?… [...]

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