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How many days have you skied so far?

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Seconded, good luck for the peak to pub! I've never participated but in the last few years I've often been at Hutt when it's going on, it's quite fun watching the ski part of it haha (often some mild chaos to see too...)


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Well made it to day 15 on Friday, not sure how it was quite a weird weather day up there... sunshine one moment then heavy whiteout the next. And the mountain has been closed for 4 outa 5 days now, we just managed to get that one open day.
We took up 3 skis so I could have a decent go on the C6s... I'm being slightly coerced into getting them lol
Tried the 168 mercurys first but just could not get into them, they ski really nicely except for me ..I was constantly feeling like I was getting caught on the soft snow (when I could see it) and was seriously losing my mojo on them. So after a wee break it was time to get on the 170 apollos instead. Managed to change the bindings to my size but we all forgot to check the din settings.... yeah figured it would be the same as my partner always uses about 6-7, maybe slightly more than my usual about 5-6. Did a few runs and it was like chalk and cheese, felt so much better on them! Lunchtime came and oh yeah better check those din settings.... OMFG they were on 12!
Realized partner had loaned the skis out last season and the skier must have changed the settings...and we hadn't used them since.

Really glad I don't tend to crash...


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23 glorious days !!!
Would've been more but I wasn't able to ski back to back days this year and our season finished ea
Yeah I heard they had closed, no more skiing for the kids now sadly....
But nice work on the 23!
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It’s my goal to avoid being on that…haha.
My 3 step approach to this is
1. No physical injuries (before or during)
2. Hope for no equipment failure (mainly punctures is my concern)
3. Mental fortitude to overcome a general lack of physical fitness

Friday sounds like it might be good! Saturday morning they are doing road closures specifically for Peak to Pub as the start time is now 10am with instructions to arrive between 6-8am, 8.30am race briefing and road closure from then (UGH) so it might be worth going to Porters…I think they moved it earlier to try and miss the afternoon rain?
So how was the peak to pub?
I heard they made a few changes.... I jokingly said to my partner I wonder if they will make them go down highway 72... apparently yes was the answer??
And a le mans running start as well?


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So how was the peak to pub?
I heard they made a few changes.... I jokingly said to my partner I wonder if they will make them go down highway 72... apparently yes was the answer??
And a le mans running start as well?
So I FINISHED!! Third to last, VERY cautious (because of the wind) on the bike leg which didn't help! We started on Highway 72 for the "usual" run up in ski boots (rather than V Mile) but the actual ski was down Broadway, so very short - no preview run so everyone did it cold as the first and only run of the day!

The rest of the course was "as usual" but we were able to run on the creek bed as it was dry which is apparently the first time in a few years. Due to a lack of training and therefore under-use of stabilising muscles, my ankles and knees were unhappy but no actual injury. The swim crossing was shallower than usual so no diving, I breaststroked over with my head out because I was kinda done. I also got some decent hot spots from about 7km into the run that fortunately didn't end up full blisters - forgot to pre-tape my feet even though I knew I was going to end up wet and therefore at higher risk!!

Here's hoping Hutt can open something tomorrow as I don't go back to work until Friday...


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Far braver than I would be!
That wind was scary let alone coming down that road in a bike during it.
Well done on getting to the end, sounds like it was quite a challenge in those conditions!

Weather doesn't look great for much opening this week, but oddly looks like snow on Friday. Got my fingers crossed that Saturday i might get to try those apollos properly.


Certified Ski Diva
Got to day 18 on Tuesday at Mt hutt, and what an amazing day it was!
bluebird powder day and had the family along for a change. A few firsts for them and me, top of the mountain for one, fascination run for two of them and virgin mile for all three of us. ( it’s such a cool shot from the virgin mile side of the mountain)
lol I managed to do fascination run two days earlier (even twice so it wasn’t a fluke) so gained the bragging rights first! ( I really had to beat the 13 year old).
And I’m really proud of the way they have improved this season.. and myself actually, the ski sports course through school has made such a difference and I will somehow find the money for next season for them to do it again. It was really worth it.

sadly I think this weekend will be the last for me…. Seasons almost done :hurt:


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And 20 days was the final count for me, and thats all weekend days apart from two days. That’s probably more than I have ever skied in my life so I consider it an achievement. The season ended a couple of days early due to high winds, but we had a great final weekend, Saturday it snowed lightly all day but the snow was just magic, Sunday was sunny but the snow went kinda slushy by early arvo ( and I decided I don’t really like slush now) and the cloud closed in, so two very different days to end on. But ended the season by doing stuff I never thought I would get to, a red run and even one black run, just wow!
All in all a great season on a few different fields and I have lots of plans to try new stuff now!


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