• Women skiers, this is the place for you -- an online community without the male-orientation you'll find in conventional ski magazines and internet ski forums. At TheSkiDiva.com, you can connect with other women to talk about skiing in a way that you can relate to, about things that you find of interest. Be sure to join our community to participate (women only, please!). Registration is fast and simple. Just be sure to add webmaster@theskidiva.com to your address book so your registration activation emails won't be routed as spam. And please give careful consideration to your user name -- it will not be changed once your registration is confirmed.

About Us

About us

"If you think you're the only woman who loves to ski, think again. There are lots of us out there. That's why I started TheSkiDiva.com. I wanted to connect with other women who cared as passionately about skiing as I do.

The idea for the site came to me back in 2006. I remember waiting for the gondola at Steamboat, the only woman in a long line of men, feeling very much alone. None of the women I knew skied. And none of the online ski communities or ski magazines really paid that much attention to women, either. We were marginalized, treated as an interesting side-line. Just an afterthought on the slopes.

So I decided to make it my mission to bring women skiers together. Today, TheSkiDiva.com is the leading community for women skiers. It's a place for women to talk with one another about everything and anything that has to do with skiing, in a way that we can relate to. It's fun, informative, and a great place to hang out. I've learned so much from the women on the site, and I've made tons of ski friends, too. And I'm not nearly so alone anymore.

At TheSkiDiva.com, you'll find women from all over the country -- really, all over the world; instructors, ski patrollers, beginners, advanced skiers, all of us connected by a common passion. So if you're a woman who loves to ski, please, come join us. We'd love to have you."

Wendy Clinch