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What are your goals or what are you most looking forward to for the 2019/2020 ski season?


Diva in Training
Curious as to what prompted the switch - and are you hangin up the snowboard for good?
Question 2 is easier to answer! My snowboard will always have a place in my quiver, so to speak. I've had too much fun riding to write off ever doing it again.

It was a big surprise to me that I even considered skiing. For 20 years I've been very "one plank good, two planks terrifying". I learned to ride in 99 when most of my teenage peers were either switching to boards or had already switched. It made sense to do what they were doing and we had so much fun.

Last year, my husband switched to skiing. We hadn't been riding much while my stepson was young - he's with us Saturday thru Tuesday every week and we wanted to let him be old enough to pick what he wanted to do, plus we didn't have a "three lift tickets and new gear" budget in some.of those earlier years.

Hubby got on skis and fell in love with them. Got the kiddo on skis and he was a quick study and also fell in love. I got jealous of their easy traversing of the flats and smooth lift exits. My tailbone (once broken in an icy snowboard crash) was bugging me. But we had decided to really nurture the kiddo's love of skiing since it's a fun, screen-free way to spend family time together.

Skipping the mountain wasn't an option, but skiing was, so I tried it, and am really loving it! My feet sometimes still try to revert to the muscle memory of snowboarding when I get tired and that's when things get squirrelly

As I told the lifties yesterday who were cheering for every lap I made on the easy trails, I'm not a good skiier yet but I'm a terrible quitter!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
My 2019-2020 (second season on skis) goals are:
To ski 50 or more days this season (while still working full-time). Today I hit day 24.
To advance my skills by getting comfortable skiing diamonds at all different mountains with speed control and round turns (or whatever tactics are needed for the conditions). This means I can reach my goal of being able to ski with most of my friends and associates in ski club and not always ski alone after lessons.
To explore moguls skiing, and take a moguls lesson.


Certified Ski Diva
Sidelined at the moment with a sprained AC joint, but when I'm up to it again I want to take a couple private bumps lessons. I lose confidence on gnarly runs and my form goes out the window...I know what to do, but my silly brain gets in the way.
My end of season hopefully-not-a-pipe-dream is to take an off piste workshop at Alta and not hold anyone else back. I just need to stop hurting myself! :injured:
My end of season hopefully-not-a-pipe-dream is to take an off piste workshop at Alta and not hold anyone else back. I just need to stop hurting myself! :injured:
What month? I'll be around Alta most of April until closing day for the lodges on April 19. Happy to do some runs with you off the groomers. What's great is at Alta are all the short shots for gaining confidence on complex terrain. I keep learning more after starting to get tips from friends about 10 years ago during annual spring break trips with my daughter. Although she became better than me by age 11 with the help of ski school. Lessons at Alta and Taos helped a lot, as well as lessons on fundamentals at me home hill in Virginia.

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