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Mittens-need warmest in existence!

My mittens are wearing out so I can justify an investment in new ones. With my Kombi mittens, quality liners and handwarmers, the only day of the last nine that my hands have been warm was Saturday when I went snowmobiling instead of skiing (the handlebars have heaters!).

I have ultra sensitive skin and am often cold when others aren't even though I have on more layers.

So, what do other sensitive divas suggest for a mitten in today's technology? I've heard there are electric mittens, but I don't want to make a big investment based on sales pitches, but rather experienced reccomendations.

What might you suggest for sensitive mouse paws???
Thanks, VG. Yes, I tried search threads first as I thought I'd seen good info in the past...but I had no luck. I'm currently ('til the 15th) near lots of ski shops to look for end of the season sales before paying full price, but warmth is most important. Those first two I'd never heard of, but I believe I saw Grandoe near Okemo today.l


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Hi, brand new to posting on the forum, but have been reading for over a year :smile:
I have always had cold hands and have reynauds which makes my fingers go numb… I have always worn a mitten glove and held a hand warmer in my palm. I have tried many different brands over the years and am currently using the Black Diamond Mercury Mitt and have had almost zero issues with cold hands. I also had pretty good success with an all leather mitten with down inside (can't remember the brand at the moment) and passed those down to my daughter when I got my Mercury Mitts last year. They are a bit bulky , but worth it to have warm hands!


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I have the Hestra Heli mitts. Love them so much that I bought a second pair "for insurance" when they showed up on theclymb. I wear them with wrist gaiters (like fingerless mittens) and chemical hand warmers right in the mitten. The gaiters keep that from getting too hot. Now that I have just accepted that I always use chemical warmers, life is much better.


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I also have Hestra mittens. I'm not sure which model, but it's not the Heli model. I have other (less warm) mittens as well. I save the Hestras for the coldest days and only add chemical hand warmers if it's really, really cold. I love having mittens as warm as the Hestras!

My husband has the Black Diamond Mercury mittens, but he does not wear them often because they're too warm for him. Must be nice to have hands that do not get cold!
I'm curious, how many have Raynaud's out there? Following this thread, as I'm in the same boat as @LittleWest. I have an OLD pair of Gordini down filled leather mittens that I have sworn by, but this season is the season that they will need to retire as they have worn thin in the palm. I just bought a new set of carbon fiber poles to keep the cold from transferring to my hands on the lift and that I should have done years ago.
I have the Black Diamond Mercury, so that's 3 for the Black Diamond, 2 for the Hestra. And I also have Reynaud's. I switched to down mittens awhile back because they were warmer, but still wanted warmer. I got the Black Diamonds based on the information I found here on theskidiva (thanks, Divas!), and can attest to their warmth!


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I also use the Black Diamond Mercury Mitts with disposable heaters in them on most days. I've got circulation issues as well and it doesn't matter how much insulation I have. I also have some Absolute Mitts, which are made for like antarctic expeditions... my hands still get cold unless I've got heaters in there. And I don't recommend those Absolute Mitts anyway, because they're impossible to hold a ski pole with!

But with the Mercury Mitts + disposable heaters, I'm good to go on all but the coldest days... and then my feet usually give in to the cold first anyway....

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#5 for the BD Mercury Mitts. There's little they can't handle. They've seen me through the coldest temperatures when those around me were complaining their hands were cold. Yes, I had heat packs in and glove liners, but they are, without a doubt, the best.

BTW, @LittleWest and @artistinsuburbia, I have Raynaud's, too. And welcome to the forum!
#5 for the BD Mercury Mitts. There's little they can't handle. They've seen me through the coldest temperatures when those around me were complaining their hands were cold. Yes, I had heat packs in and glove liners, but they are, without a doubt, the best
Ditto for me as well!


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I invested in Canada Goose down mitts. I don't like wearing chemical heaters as the whole thing is so bulky I can't hold my poles. But the mitts without heaters are pretty good - but I just mean "pretty" good. Better than anything else I've had but not perfect.

Talked to a woman in the lodge on one of our many many many frigid days this season - she and her husband had got the electric mitts and absolutely swore by then. Said she had tried everything else. Don't know if I might try that route or not. I like to think that this season, cold hands might (just might?) become a thing of the past. Although this morning's temp here is minus 27 C. Sheesh!


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There's a guy I know who skis with battery powered gloves. He did say they don't last all day.


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I love my mercury mitts. I used them at Stowe when it was negative temps and gust of winds of 20 mph. I was actually too hot so I would take then off as I was approaching the base


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How many of us are pretty sure we have Raynauds but haven't bee diagnosed? That's me.

Know somebody whose wife has it, and he said it makes it hard for her to heal from cuts on her hand. Healing is so much the blood getting to the wound, but with Raynauds her bad circulation hampers healing. Makes sense. I have been told I was a "bad healer" by a doctor, which gives me one more factor make me think I have Raynauds.

Still don't have the Mercury Mitt, but I want them!


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I have a pair of the electric mitts. I bought these for DH and they we're a little small for him. Long as the heat is on they are OK, not great though as the elements are on the back only.

I prefer gloves especially when I'm teaching. I saw a lady with a heated glove on one day. We talked. She got them at Costco. But they were only good as a inner layer. Not water or wind proof. So something that is good if you're sitting in a arena. But with a outer water and windproof layer they were great.

I now have about 5 pair of gloves and none are warm enough this year. Think I'll scout out the Black Diamond types are they should be on sale now.


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I know I don't have Reynaud's. I don't get the white hands, and I bleed like a stuck pig when cut. I'm just run of the mill COLD.

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