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Where did you/will you end your 2018-2019 ski season?


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Very cool that ski patrol helps out in that way. Think I'll make a note about Bogus Basin for a May or June ski safari out west for future reference.
Yes, it was very cool! Brian from ski patrol also suggested that I watch the movie Fistful of Moguls for inspiration (he skied the moguls like Jaelin Kauf, and it was amazing to watch and try to learn from!). Check out their website for more info: beartoothbasin.com - and if you ever decide to go, let me know! I will definitely go again next summer, more than once. We also made a friend in Red Lodge, MT named Linda who skis there. She is a really good tele skier.

Having skied with you at GT, I'm not surprised you went for it. :smile:
Thank you. :smile: I did have to spend some time summoning my courage!


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Alas, my lift-served season ended July 6 as I can’t get to Mammoth before August, and it’s closing the last weekend of July. I don’t think I’m particularly motivated to hike for August turns, but we’ll see.
Final ski day was last Friday at Mammoth.

We intended to ski on Sunday as well, but it just didn't happen.

It was a fun couple of hours.

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