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Where did you/will you end your 2018-2019 ski season?


Angel Diva
Mountains are closing all over. So many still with plenty of snow but not enough patrons to make it cost effective to run the areas. So ... what is, or will be your last place to ski?

While there is still skiing in Vermont, my lease was up on March 31. Great days at Okemo (mostly), Sunapee, Killington and Stratton. I finished with a second trip to Utah and had three days at Brighton (love it; smaller, gentler) and last day at Solitude. It ranged from icy in the morning from overnight freeze to mashed potatoes my mid-day. Totally worth skiing with a friend who coached me down some intimidating (yes, only blue .... but looked like blacks to me! :eek:) runs! She was nice enough to say it gives her time to practice form and technique while I get to the bottom!!! :smile:

Hope everyone had as much fun as you all could possibly manage!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I think today was my last day. I spent it at Pico. It was closing day there and not many people were there, which was great. Groomed runs were soft (wet) to start but the ungroomed had set up a bit overnight so didn't really become fun until a bit later.
I quit early at like 12pm, when it started getting sticky toward the bottom of the runs (I guess I didn't wax well enough :frown:, as some other peoples skis seemed fine). Upper Pike and 49er were fun, but the last third of each, the snow characteristics changed it was definitely draggy snow.


Diva in Training
Mt Sunapee last weekend. Sunday morning was glorious spring, bright blue ski, some icy patches and definitely slushy at the bottom, but really fun to be out...but then it clouded over and the skies opened up. Left in the pouring rain. Ah...spring.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
The ski instructors from Bretton Woods will ski at Wildcat on Wednesday. I'll be there, and there's a tailgate party afterwards. This is traditional for the group. I'm new, so this will be my first attendance. Then on Sunday I fly out to Montana, Big Sky, for PSIA's National Academy. I am SO looking forward to that. After my week at Big Sky I suspect I will have no interest in skiing whatever's open in New England that late in the season, so my last day will be at Big Sky, Montana.


Angel Diva
Will be April 19 at Alta. Have a friend bringing her kids for their third spring break in a row. Should be good spring skiing given how deep the snowpack is in LCC.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
We'll ski @ Cannon until they close, and hope to get to Wildcat for their last weekend (or 2), depending on conditions! If we can ski until 4/27 we should have our first 50-day season :thumbsup:

Susan L

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Am I the only person who ends my season early? Mine ended on March 7th this year at Taos due to pet illness. But I normally do not ski past March anyway because I don’t like spring conditions. April is spring training for me in golf and I’d be playing golf everyday to prepare for tournaments starting in May.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I generally expect to get to the end of March, with no set expectations for April.

I'm hoping to get in at least one more day, not sure where yet. Perhaps Bretton Woods for their Patriots day deal next Monday ($17.76 for a ticket, and a bonus of an early season ticket for next year!)

But if not, I can say that my day at Mount Snow with my teen on March 26 was a good way to end the season.


Staff member
Last Tuesday at Okemo was my last day. It was sunny and became soft quickly, but was very fun.
Mountain biking trails will be opening up here in a few weeks, but I'm heading to southern New England to get some riding in sooner. Much as I love skiing, I don't have the money to buy a Killington spring pass and I am itching to get on my bike after a fairly sedentary winter.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Arizona Snowbowl. I'll be skiing two days this week and might get in another day next week too. Storm coming in this weekend. :smile:. Could be a nice addition to the Spring snow if it does indeed occur.

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