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Warmest ski mittens?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Astis. End of story.

(Okay, they do make battery powered heated gloves, and I haven't tried those.)


Diva in Training
BD Mercury Mitts have extremely good ratings. I was looking into this myself recently and #1 was BD #2 was Hestra Heli. I've also heard good things about Swany toaster mitts.


Staff member
Inexpensive - Swany Toaster's. Expensive - Thermic electric mitts.

Personally I hate mitts. I'm looking at electric gloves that Costco has for hockey mom's. Add an over glove and I think it might work.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Yes, but these are my Astis mittens (there are multiple designs, not just this one):


Always good for some compliments and as an ice breaker!


Angel Diva
I got a pair at LL Bean that have a down liner with a Gortex Shell. Very warm, especially when I wear glove liners inside the down mitten. I wish I had had them in my bag today - I left them on the dryer and my hands were freezing in my other gloves.
I just got these. With a hand warmer inside, they are incredible! I have cold hands anyway. I did a lot of research and came up with these.

Without the hand warmer, they are fine on a cold day. I find the hand warmer necessary on quite cold (under 15*F) days. The interior glove is a useful and warm glove all on its own.




Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have Raynaud's and am on medication to survive the colder months. I primarily ski in the Hestra Heli Mitt with hand warmers - love the dexterity and how they fit. The Black Diamond Mercury Mitt are probably a bit warmer, but for some reason I do not like them as well - note the men's has more insulation, or at least has in the past (go figure), so if you can fit in a men's that is likely warmer.

The Astis are on my radar, but I do not have a pair yet - really want to a pair of the mids (style without fur). The longer ones are lovely, but I would always look at them and think "these used to be a bunny"...I know, I know, the fur is a by-product of the food industry...I contacted the company and asked...but I just wouldn't be able to get past it.
I got a pair of Roots mitts at Costco for $35 this fall. And they are oddly enough, the warmest mitts I've ever had. They have a thin liner glove that goes inside on really cold days, and there is the insulated mitt, with a secondary fleece glove inside. So basically three layers. And they have an exterior pocket for a hand warmer, if you need it. I have yet to be cold in these gloves, and that's after last week of ridiculously cold -35c temperatures.

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