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Warmest ski mittens?


Certified Ski Diva
Hi -

Any recommendations for SUPER warm mittens? Black Diamond? Hestra?

I recently asked the same thing and got so many varying answers. Broke down and bought a pair of Hestra alpine pro white leather/grey mittens. They're synthetic, not real down, but oh I am finally warm! I have skiid with them in temps say 17+ and been OK. Way better than my Black Diamond gloves rated for the damn arctic!
Got a pair of Seirus Heatwave Liner Gloves last fall. Best gloves liners I've ever used. They are "reflective" in some way. Whatever the technical fabric, they work very well. Haven't needed mittens even in single digits this winter. I know mittens are warmer, but I prefer gloves.
I use those liners in my mittens as well and agree they are the best I’ve found! Hand starts feeling warmer as soon as you put them on.

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I'm in the Midwest and primarily use Gordini Gore-Tex (I purchased them at Mills Fleet Farm), they work well for dexterity and holding on to my poles. On the really cold days (which we get a number of in the Midwest), I have AuClair deer skin gloves that are really warm, not as much dexterity, but really warm!

Hope this is helpful, good luck in your search!


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The ski season is over for this year, I'm afraid, but the next one is sure to come! I have followed this thread, as my old mittens were falling apart, and I always tend to have freezing fingers and toes.

I ended up getting the Free The Powder mittens, and am very happy with those. Even without extra liners or hand warmers, my hands were really nice and toasty on a chilly (15F) day in February. The mittens are on sale now for $60. My husband liked them too, he got the 3-finger-gloves, which appear to have a bit less insulation than the mittens. I also tried the Black Diamond Mercury mittens, but they were too bulky. Hestra is a bit out of my price range.

Hope this helps, stay warm and safe!


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Outdoor Research Stormbound Mittens had good reviews and were on sale. I bought them but haven't put them to the test. I've been wearing gloves for the last few years, and it occurred to me, in that funny way that happens for no reason, because it wasn't really that my hands were cold, that I missed mittens.


Certified Ski Diva
Hestra; three-finger design. They are not really mittens but I love them, mainly because you don’t have to take your mittens off to close your ski-boots tighter, which gave me cold hands, when using mittens and globes are too cold for me.

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