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Multi-resort passes for 2022-23: Ikon, Epic, Indy etc.

ski diva

Staff member
From StormSkiingJournal.com:

Ikon Pass Adds Snowbasin, Sun Valley, Chamonix for 2022-23 Season, Drops Crystal from Unlimited Tier on Full Ikon Pass, Alta and Deer Valley Leave Base Pass for Base Plus​

Snowbasin and Sun Valley Exit Epic Pass, will also join Mountain Collective​

Stuart Winchester 9 min ago

The Ikon Pass released its 2022-23 pass suite today, raising the price of an Ikon Pass from $999 to $1,079 ($979 with a renewal discount), and an Ikon Base Pass from $729 to $769 ($719 with a renewal discount). The Ikon Session Pass will be available in two-, three-, or four-day increments. As in the past, Ikon will offer substantial discounts on passes for children under age 12 ($239 Ikon Pass, $199 Base Pass), with the purchase of an adult pass.

Snowbasin and Sun Valley, which are jointly owned, will leave Vail’s Epic Pass after the 2021-22 season and join the Ikon and Mountain Collective passes. Full Ikon Pass holders get seven unrestricted days at each resort. The resorts will not join the Ikon Base Pass, but passholders can buy up to the Ikon Base Plus Pass – which also includes access to Aspen and Jackson Hole – for an additional $200. Neither will join the Ikon Session Pass. Mountain Collective passholders will have two unrestricted days each at Sun Valley and Snowbasin. The “Platinum” versions of both mountains’ 2022-23 passes will include an Ikon Base Pass, in line with similar options for top-tier passholders at Taos, Aspen, Jackson Hole, Big Sky, and other Ikon destinations.

Chamonix, the monstrous French ski circus that is home to the 9,200-vertical-foot Aiguille du Midi tram. Skiers will get the standard Ikon package here: seven days with no blackouts on the full Ikon Pass, and five days with holiday restrictions on the Base Pass. The mountain will not join the Ikon Session Pass.

Earlier today, Mountain Collective announced that Alterra had pulled its last three owned resorts – Palisades Tahoe, Mammoth, and Sugarbush – from the coalition, meaning that the Ikon Pass will now be the only multi-mountain pass to provide access to these three flagship ski areas.

Some core access will also evolve. The Ikon Pass will no longer act as a season pass for Crystal Mountain, Washington, joining Alterra’s Deer Valley as a resort that manages its own distinct pass suite. Ikon Pass holders will still received seven unrestricted days at Crystal, and Base Pass holders will get five days subject to holiday blackouts.

After four years as part of the Base Pass, Deer Valley and Alta will also leave that tier and join the Ikon Plus Pass.

Ikon will retain all partners from the 2021-22 season, and access tiers for those partners will remain unchanged. Passes go on sale March 10. Alterra will again offer its Adventure Assurance program, giving skiers until Dec. 8 to roll their unused pass into the 2023-24 ski season. An insurance plan, which protects against injury, illness, and other circumstances, is available for an additional cost. Spring skiing for 2022-23 Ikon Pass holders will be available starting March 10 at Big Bear, Blue, Snowshoe, Stratton, and Sugarbush, April 4 at Tremblant and Solitude, and April 11 at Mammoth Mountain, Palisades Tahoe, and Winter Park.


Angel Diva
Due to the pandemic, it's been a while since we had a thread about all the multi-regional/multi-resort passes. The news that's breaking this week is pretty stunning. Fair to say that the past two seasons have changed the situation for independent GMs/owners deciding which multi-resort pass to join. At the same time, there continue to be partnerships that are based on a few free days at other locations as a perk for full season pass holders.

At this point, the Indy Pass has joined the MCP, Ikon, and Epic as the multi-regional passes worth considering for people interested in skiing at least 4-5 days after making a commitment to travel more than an hour or two from where they live. Figuring out what makes the most sense for a given individual or family can be complicated, especially the first time seriously considering buying a multi-resort pass. Or perhaps more than one. One reason to start looking at options in the spring is that prices go up after the end of early bird sales. March thru May is when prices are lowest and/or more perks are offered. However, waiting until late summer or early fall can work out well in the long run because travel possibilities are clearer.

Feel free to ask questions. Everyone’s situation is unique but we can help each other learn about the wide range of options available.

Did you have Ikon, MCP, Epic last season and are NOT going to get the same multi-resort pass again? The changes just announced for Ikon will change my choice for sure since this season I had Ikon Base and the MCP, plus the Indy Pass.


Angel Diva
I think we're going to buy the Indy pass for the first time. We consistently ski Bolton Valley and Pat's Peak and I like that you can get a third day for a percentage off. I think we're also going to plan our first weekend away post-baby to Woodstock and ski Suicide Six those days. I'm hoping they keep the Woodstock Inn Indy pass discount as well which will sweeten that deal too. I posted this in another thread, but I'm planning a ski weekend for our friend group as well so I think I'm going to pick an Indy mountain if I can haha Figure I'm doing the work, I should reap the benefits :smile: I'm leaning towards Jay Peak for that trip.


Angel Diva
The Indy Pass was the first to announce prices for 2022-23. The prices will stay the same. That means all the members are happy with the likely payout based on how big the pot is that is split based on how many times someone uses Indy at a given location. Only a relatively small percentage is used for marketing and to pay the staff and keep the operation going. When he started up Indy, Doug Fish really did want to help independent ski areas/resorts compete and find new customers who didn't know what they were missing. He knew it might take a few seasons to work out the financial realities once there were enough locations signed up. There will continue to be blackout dates for Indy, but it's not that much more for Indy Plus without blackout dates for people who are limited to weekends and holidays to get in a few days of skiing in the midst of busy lives. Using Indy Plus for two Saturdays more than covers the added cost of the pass.

Indy is hoping to get even more people interested in using it as a supplemental pass for Ikon, MCP, Epic. I've thoroughly enjoyed using Indy to explore a few small mountains that I otherwise had avoided since paying for a lift ticket didn't seem quite worth it.

"The Indy Switch Pass has been created for all Epic, Ikon, and Mountain Collective passholders. It is JUST $259 for adults and $109 for kids for a limited time. Purchasers are required to upload a receipt from the purchase of their current, 21-22 Epic, Ikon, or Mountain Collective pass in order to qualify. All Indy Passes provide two days each at 82 independent, authentic resorts.
. . .

Indy Pass 22-23 Prices

Indy Pass - Adult $279, Kids 12-and-under $119

Indy+ - Adult $379, Kids $169 (no blackouts)

Indy AddOn - Adult $189, Kids $89 (partner resort season passholders only)

Indy+ AddOn - Adult $289, Kids $139

Indy Switch Pass - Adult $259, Kids $109, Adult+ $359, Kids+ $159 (limited time offer)
. . .


Angel Diva
Ikon is priming the pump by allowing people who buy any Ikon pass for 2022-23 in the next few weeks to use it at selection locations during late season.

As someone who skis Alta in April, I noticed that Alta is not on the list. That makes sense since Alta is apparently moving to join Jackson Hole and Aspen/Snowmass as a premium location for Base Ikon. There will essentially be three prices for Ikon: Full (7 days), Base Plus (5 days, including premium resorts), Base (5 days).

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 9.25.53 AM.jpg


Angel Diva
Figuring out all the new aspects of Ikon will take a while. Sales don't start until March 10, so there will be plenty of articles published in the next week. The differences between the approach taken by Alterra and their independent Partners for Ikon when compared to Vail Resorts and Epic are becoming much clearer.

Apparently Sun Valley and Snowbasin weren't too happy with how the partnership with Epic went. They are moving back to the MCP, and also joining Ikon. SV and Snowbasin started on Epic for the 2019-20 season. It was a multi-year contract. Quite possible the pandemic was a factor in deciding to switch away from Epic. I went to Sun Valley using the MCP in 2016, which was probably the first season on MCP.


Angel Diva
I am hoping my home hill joins Indy. There are quite a few driveable Indy places for us that I wouldn’t enjoy ALL the time, but that I would absolutely love to enjoy every once in a while. The add on would be awesome.


Angel Diva
The overlap between the MCP and Ikon is shifting. Grand Targhee is on the MCP but not Ikon. For 2022-23, Alterra has pulled Palisades Tahoe, Mammoth, and Sugarbush out of the MCP. So the MCP is back to what it was at the start . . . a partnership between independent resort scattered across multiple regions.

Not unexpectedly, the MCP website hasn't been updated yet for 2022-23.

The MCP continues to have value for powder hounds willing to take short trips to multiple destinations that involve skiing for 2-3 days. Being able to pay 50% for additional days means deciding to extend a trip because of a powder storm becomes an easier decision.


Angel Diva
Even Stuart is having trouble keeping up with all the changes. This note is at the top of his article about the MCP 2022-23.

"Note: the post I sent out earlier on the Ikon Pass’ 2022-23 pass offerings did not include the following updates: Snowbird will now be treated as an individual destination on the Ikon Base Pass (Alta left the Base Pass for the Base Plus Pass), but Alta-Snowbird is still considered a single destination on the full Ikon Pass. Also, Arapahoe Basin dropped blackout dates for Ikon Base Pass holders. I regret the oversights. Please see the updated article here."


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I do love the IKON pass add on for Snowbasin! Although, the season pass prices are getting back up to where they were 8-10 years ago, but it is what it is. I did enjoy the lower prices, and even now more as a family of 5 who skis.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I'm thrilled to see Snowbasin dump Epic just because VAIL. We'll see what it does to numbers. We've been buying a MCP pass anyway so we can ski Big Sky and Targhee and Jackson anyway, so now we'll buy the Snowbasin platinum instead. Paying half price for Targhee is worth it (heading there this weekend--still my fav!)

The higher prices are overdue, even though yes, that's a stretch financially.


Angel Diva
Ikon has evolved into three tiers: Full Ikon, Ikon Base Plus, Ikon Base. Ikon Base Plus is $200 more than Ikon Base. Moving up to Full Ikon for 7 days at every location with no blackouts, is another $110. Full Ikon is $1079, with a $100 renewal discount. People who want to ski at Alta/Snowbird (combo), Deer Valley, Snowbasin, Jackson Hole, Aspen/Snowmass, and/or Sun Valley will need more than Ikon Base. For the last couple seasons, JH and Aspen required Base Plus. There are a few deals for military, nurses, and college students. Parents can get additional discounts for up to two children. No senior rate. The age categories are 23+, 18-22, 5-12, 4 and under.

The Ikon Session Pass will have three versions: 4-day, 3-day, 2-day. A 3-day Ikon Session pass for $349 is more than an Indy Pass Plus (no blackout dates).


Angel Diva
The Ikon website is pretty reasonable but a bit more confusing because of the additional options. To see pricing details for Ikon Base or Ikon Base Plus, need to notice there is a selection tab. Same for the 4-day, 3-day, 2-day Ikon Session passes.

Ikon has evolved into three tiers: Full Ikon, Ikon Base Plus, Ikon Base. Ikon Base Plus is $200 more than Ikon Base. Moving up to Full Ikon for 7 days at every location with no blackouts, is another $110. Full Ikon is $1079, with a $100 renewal discount. People who want to ski at Alta/Snowbird (combo), Deer Valley, Snowbasin, Jackson Hole, Aspen/Snowmass, and/or Sun Valley will need more than Ikon Base. For the last couple seasons, JH and Aspen required Base Plus. There are a few deals for military, nurses, and college students. "Young Adult" really means tweens and college-age.

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 2.42.52 PM.jpg


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Interesting! No more Park City North but maybe Alta North, lol. Just glad Vail isn't buying Snowbasin (heard that rumor a lot this year.)

Pass prices hikes not loved, but not unexpected, and with both kids skiing ~30 days this season I can't say that we're not getting our money's worth out of it. No IKON add-on for us, but I'll probably keep the premier tier just to keep Christmas break skiing with the little monsters.

(Are we a ski family? We're a ski family, aren't we? What irresponsible person let this happen?)


Angel Diva
I read that if you get the local pass Killington is only for 5 days? Is it true?
What do you mean by "local"? When I see "local" I think of Epic Local that has blackout dates.

Ikon Base has always been limited to 5 days for Ikon Partners (not owned by Alterra), with blackout dates. What's relatively new is that there are more Partners in the west opting out of Ikon Base. Presumably with Ikon Base Plus those resorts stand to get more money from Ikon holders.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I read that if you get the local pass Killington is only for 5 days? Is it true?
Yes. But that is not a change on the IKON base pass for this year. There are mountains, such as Deer Valley where I’m going in April, that are no longer on the base pass for any number of days. So to add that and Snowbasin and a couple of others I will need the IKON base plus at $200 additional. That works out to be about $100 less than the full pass. So it depends on where you plan to go and what you need.


Angel Diva
Wow, big news.

The thing that makes me happy is that finally, they reduced access to Crystal from unlimited to 7/5 days. Offering a cheap unlimited pass to a ski area that near to 3 million people didn't work.

They raised the Crystal season pass price to $1699--$700 more than this year. That will not be a popular move, to say the least. They are doing that to raise money for projects, they say.

Not sure how I feel about Sun Valley having 7 days on it. It was only 2 with Epic. OTOH, you do have to buy the full pass or the Plus, for 5 days.


Angel Diva
Not sure how I feel about Sun Valley having 7 days on it. It was only 2 with Epic. OTOH, you do have to buy the full pass or the Plus, for 5 days.
It was 7 days for the full Epic. I think this makes sense.

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