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Diva West @ Steamboat, Trip Report and Photos


Angel Diva
OOOOOF. Sitting in a tiny airport can feel so claustrophobic. I got stuck in Dayton once for a few hours and I walked that whole airport 5 times … until people started looking at me like I was weird.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I'm glad at least a couple of you got a powder day---so that you could experience both the sunny experience and the storm one!
Stinks about the flight situation--never a fun way to end a trip. My last trip there was an odyssey getting home.


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Now that everyone's made it home (congratulations on escaping the Hayden black hole @MissySki) I just wanted to sincerely thank everyone who made the trip last week. Especially the people who showed up for the first time -- it's definitely a bit of a leap of faith to go ski with a bunch of "strangers" from the internet. It was great to meet everyone I hadn't met before, and to spend more time with the friends I already knew. I think the week went really well overall!

Start thinking about where you're interested in going in 2025 -- it'll be time to pick before we know it. :smile:
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Angel Diva
The last time I was at Steamboat (a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away), we drove - and got caught in a late-coming blizzard in south central Wyoming (i.e., it wasn't altogether forecasted, at least to be THAT bad). Yeah. That was fun. Never mind. We opted to not complete the journey until the next morning, but we then saw multiple vehicles, including some big 4-wheel drive vehicles, hanging off the edge of Rabbit Ears pass. :eek:


Angel Diva
We’ve had lots of sunny blue sky pics.. so here’s today’s powder day ones! @Sparky and I decided with 10 inches overnight that we had to go skiing this morning ahead of our flights out. Could have skied much longer since my flight ultimately got cancelled, but of course SouthWest did not do that until everyone was at the airport ready to go. Nonetheless, it was very worthwhile going out. We found lots of fresh tracks to play in on trails, on bumps, and in the trees. So much fun!!

It wasn’t their famed champagne powder, but it was quite lovely. Way lighter than what we get in the East.. as I could actually ski it just fine on the Blaze 86. And I’m not usually a very good powder skier, but felt fine today which was a big happy surprise. Maybe I’m FINALLY catching on lol.

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I’m so excited that you got in some extra fun before your airport aggravation!

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