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Diva West @ Steamboat, Trip Report and Photos


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Many of us have arrived in Steamboat and Diva West is underway! Some people's dates have and will vary a bit, but the main dates of the trip are Jan 27 - Feb 3, 2024.

I'll post some pics to get the trip report started.

@RachelV, @ride_ski, @MissySki, and @carole on the chair. Thanks @carole for being the decider and an excellent guide this morning herding all the cats around.

@SallyCat, @ride_ski, @lisamamot, @NYSnowflake, @carole, @MissySki, and @Zard in the flat light we had this morning.

Powder, 160 pounds of VERY GOOD GIRL. Did anyone else get better pics of this dog??

@MissySki on some lovely bumps on our last run of the day. I think we're in a for a lot more of this weather and I'm not complaining.

Looking forward to seeing everyone I didn't see on the hill today at happy hour shortly!
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Has anyone skied off the new Mahogany Ridge chair yet? If so, what was the terrain like? What did you all think of it?


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Low-angled trees! I'd ski those! I'm kind of kicking myself for not being there, but it's for the best with my current stupid health situation! If any of you are heading to Utah after, please let me know,


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Has anyone skied off the new Mahogany Ridge chair yet? If so, what was the terrain like? What did you all think of it?

I did a lap over there today with my coworker who lives in Steamboat. It was fun! Reminded me a bit of the Alleys in the Pali area at A-Basin, but less steep. Also reminded me of the Outback area at Keystone, if either of those comparisons are helpful to you.

Overall - tight trees for the west, but not super tight. Not too steep. I'd say nice advanced trees. My coworker was saying they're planning to thin them a bit over the coming seasons so they should get even more fun.

Here's the only pic I took:

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