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Olesya Chornoguz

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Hah! I was going to tag along with you some Sunday, but not now that you're pre-pointe. Congrats, though!!
Thanks! The pre-pointe is a special workshop, right after the regular beginner 1 classes and that happens on Thursday nights. The Sunday classes are the easiest beginner 1 that the studio offers and I still take that one, so you are welcome to come anytime. There are occasionally never-evers or beginners who haven't done ballet in 10+ years in the Sunday class and the teacher makes the class accessible to everyone. You are welcome to join me on any Sunday!

Olesya Chornoguz

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Unfortunatey I am not at the moment, though I hope to go back at some point! After I performed in our winter recital last year I ended up moving and had also just started a new job with a longer commute which impacted my desire to go to a class that was now further away from me and ends at 9pm. Since then I also started taking weekly ukulele lessons at a music school around 2 miles from my house. I hope to eventually find a dance class closer to me for adults, though it kind of stinks because I really do miss the ladies who were in my previous class. For now though, ukulele has been a good creative outlet, and hard enough to keep practicing as much as I should with limited time, so I'm not sure when I will be wanting to add another weekly commitment. Definitely not during ski season! :smile:

So exciting that you may get to go to pointe soon!! Will you take time off this ski season as well, or plan to push on throughout?
Thank you ! I hear you, there is only so much time during the week to do multiple hobbies. I don't commute to work, live 15 minute drive away. But the adult ballet studio I go to is 1 hr drive and it's in the city. I probably won't be able to do it twice a week like i do now when the ski season starts. Because I progressed a lot after I started doing it 2X a week I am hoping to keep doing it once a week during the ski season so that I maintain my level, we shall see how that goes..


Certified Ski Diva
Funny I just came across this post. I danced for almost 20 years before ever skiing. My daughter (9 years old) is in a pre-professional dance program. This year we had to hold her back a level because it was going to interfere with our skiing. I know there will be a point that she will have to choose. I am just not ready for that yet.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I am continuing ballet, though I took 4-5 months off during ski season and right after ski season was over. I am taking pre-point class now and the teacher said that she may allow me to take beginner pointe classes in a few months. Are you still taking ballet?
It's great that you've continued with ballet and may start pointe. I found that pointe work really strengthened my core and legs (unfortunately it also messed up my feet so I've had to take a break). I'll be interested to hear what your impression are when you start pointe class.

Olesya Chornoguz

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have started dancing en pointe, three classes so far. I am getting the hang of balancing on them, we hold on to the bar with both hands, during the class. My ballet instructor commented on my good balance, probably from skiing. I am struggling with some of the exercises I do easily on soft shoes, like eschappe. The added complexity of rolling on pointe correctly confuses my brain for now with exercises like eschappe for now. My ankles were a bit sore, after the first class, but not too bad. I was told by my instructor I have strong feet so I am sure that helps. May I just say that I think pointe shoes are so pretty! Though sewing the ribbons and elastic on them took forever!


Diva in Training
Any other dancers here? That's pretty much all I do in my free time, other than skiing in the winter. My husband and I swing dance (lindy, balboa, charleston, etc.). I'm not all that great at it, but it's fun and good exercise!

I also tried to take up golf this summer, and that was pretty tragic. I actually managed to pull some muscles in my side/chest when I drove the club straight into the ground. Awesome. I play a mean game of putt-putt, but that doesn't translate to awesome golfing skills, apparently.
Latin ballroom here!

I've been dancing ballroom since I was 13-14, and before that was ballet & ice dancing.

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