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  1. Skiskisarah

    Short gal with high arches looking for touring boots

    Hey all! I’m new to the forum! Excited to join the community. Wondering if any of the shorter folks with high arches have had good experience with a particular touring boot. I always have issues with comfort on the top of the foot even after a fitting. I’m only 5’ so calf fit can also be...
  2. Fitmom

    Boots and bindings

    Hey ladies! I’m pretty new to skiing. My husband just introduced me this season and I’m already obsessed! I’m 100% positive that I want to invest in my own gear to grow into. I’m almost positive I’m going to get the Black Pearl 88’s. They seem to be exactly what I’m looking for. My...
  3. SallyCat

    A "Race" Boot for Non-Racers with Narrow Feet: Lange WC ZJ+

    I am an intermediate skier with very narrow feet and have been through the wringer trying to find appropriate boots. I think I may have found my solution and am posting this preliminary review in the hopes that it may be helpful to Divas with similar fit issues. The Boot: Lange World Cup ZJ+...
  4. S

    Question: Need advice on Hawk Ultra 90W

    I am very interested to hear from anyone who skis on a pair of Hawk Ultra, but more specifically 90. I am an advanced skier/ex racer/instructor, but because of where I live, I don't get to ski much, if at all over the past decade. My last pair of boots I bought when I was 18 and for some...
  5. skyy_blue7

    Buying boots for narrow feet - 84mm foot width in a 98mm last?

    Ugh! Need new boots. Tired of losing my big toe nails every year in my Langes. Went into Surefoot today and they measured my feet which were a "very slight" 84mm, size 23.5. The bootfitter recommended either the Nordica GPX 105W or the Technica Mach1 105 LV (neither of which they had in my size...
  6. water.rat

    Help Needed: Are my boots too big or do my liners need replacing?

    I came late to skiing but over the last few years my skills have improved and I am tackling more challenging terrain. It seems the more I try to work on my technique, the less happy I am with my boots. My boots are fairly old (6 to 7 years - don't remember exactly) but I only ski 12 or so days a...
  7. C

    New boots, sizing and flex

    I started skiing about 6 years ago at 45 (did a little in college). I went to a bootfitter because I have super narrow feet, but I think he put me in totally the wrong boot. First it's too small according to measurements, but more importantly it's a jr racing boot, 90 flex, rated for advanced...
  8. lucy

    Lange RX LV 100 to 110, what's wrong here?

    Hi Ladies, I'm a newbie on the site but Ive been reading the "threads" for a season. I'm impressed with the support and expertise and so happy to find other women who love to ski as much as I do... so, I was wondering if anyone can help me out with this one... I've been skiing very happily in a...