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From The Ski Diva Forum

Well here we go, a very rare pic of me actually skiing ....finally managed to convince hubby to whip out the phone Anyhow I look all stiff and awkward so… [...]

With single-day tickets at some American resorts priced at $200 or more, what would you think of a 'pay-per-lift' ride option? Throughout the day, you'd ride the lifts you want… [...]

Briefly mentioned it on another thread but now I've actually made bookings it's official! Paradiski for a couple of weeks in January 2023!!! We've had a much-postponed trip to Japan… [...]

What are ski divas reading? Me: Book 4 of the Outlander series, audio format. These days I read/listen to audio books on my commute more so than an actual book… [...]

Let's find each other. If we know who skis at what mountains that might help us meet up. If you have a season's pass, you could list that mountain. If… [...]

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