A Ski Diva Year In Review: 2022

A Ski Diva Year In Review: 2022

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 12/20/22 •  5 min read

New Year’s is a great time to take a look at the past 12 months and reflect about where we’ve been. For me, that means reviewing 33(!) blog posts at TheSkiDiva — posts I’ve made not just during ski season, but during spring, summer, and fall, too. (I’ve been doing this for more than 16 years, and somehow, I just keep cranking ’em out.) So let’s take a walk down Memory Lane and examine what’s made it from my keyboard to this space throughout 2022. Are there any posts you’ve missed? Any you’ve found particularly helpful or interesting? What’re your favorites? Any suggestions for topics I should cover in the future? I’d love to know.


So you want to try cross country skiing: Here’s what you need to know to get started in another fun on-snowsport.
A chat with Mon Ballon of Plus Snow: The challenges of plus-size ski wear: Not all of us fit into small sizes. Here are some thoughts about that from the founder of Plus Snow.
Clinic review: YOUR TURN women’s clinic at Whiteface, NY: A up close review of the acclaimed Your Turn women’s clinic.
How to behave on a lift line (and on the chairlift): Seems like all of us could use a reminder.

Ski Diva’s January pick: How to behave on a liftline (and on a chairlift)


The Winter Olympics start this week.  Here are some things you may want to know: Some interesting tidbits to keep in mind about the venue and the games.
Diva East: 3 mountains, 3X the fun: A look back at our annual Diva West get together. This year: Tahoe!
Has the joy gone out of skiing? Skiing today presents a lot of challenges. Here’s a look at some of them.
What should we do to make the skier experience better? A follow up to the previous week’s post.

Ski Diva’s February Pick: What should we do to make the skier experience better?


What do you do if your flight is canceled? Flying in the winter can be dicey. Here’s some advice on how to handle a flight cancellation.
Is resort skiing getting more dangerous? Seems that way to a lot of people. Here are how members of TheSkiDiva forum see it, and some suggestions.
A few new truths about skiing: Skiing has changed a lot in the past few years. Here are some new truths about the experience.
Daylight savings time may become permanent. Here’s what it means to skiers: What affect would later sunrises and sunsets have on skiing?

Ski Diva’s March pick: A few new truths about skiing.


Vail announces plans to automate resorts resolve staffing issues: A funny take on Vail’s employee issues. (BTW, April fool!)
10 things you need to do at the end of ski season: All good things come to end, and here’s how you should handle it.
Sad about the end of winter? It could be seasonal affective disorder: End of season depression is real. Here’s how to cope.
Earth Day is coming. So let’s talk eco-friendly ski gear: Here’s how you can go green with your ski stuff.
Ten Mother’s Day gifts for the outdoor mom: Here’s what to get the outdoor mom for her special day.

Ski Diva’s April pick; Vail announces plans to automate resorts to resolve staffing issues.


Seven reasons the off season is good for skiers: Don’t despair that it’s summer. Here’s the upside.
National Women’s Health Week couldn’t come at a better time: Some thoughts on the overturn of Roe v. Wade.
How much risk are you willing to take? Everyone is different, but here’s a look at the actual risk of your favorite activities.

Ski Diva’s May pick: National Women’s Health Week couldn’t have come at a better time.


A mid-summer check-in: Here’s how my off season is going, and some news about the season ahead.

Ski Diva’s July pick: A mid-summer check in.


Ski swaps: ’22-’23: My annual round-up on the swaps ahead.
There’s a good chance this will be another La Nina year. Here’s what that means: Confused about La Nina and El Nino? This puts it to rest.
Mother Nature’s Cage Match: Hurricane vs Blizzards: Which is worse?

Ski Diva’s September pick: There’s a good chance this will be another La Nina year. Here’s what that means.


Why are some of us more adventurous than others? Are you a risk taker? This could be why.
Increasing Diversity in Snowsports: Ski Utah’s Discover Winter Program: An interview with Ski Utah on what the organization is doing to make skiing more open to ethnically diverse and LGBTQ+ individuals.
Women’s Ski Clinics, ’22-’23: A listing of women’s ski clinics at resorts throughout North America.
Get ready for Halloween. There’s plenty of spooky stuff in ski country: You don’t have to go far to find things that go bump in the night.

Ski Diva’s October pick: Why are some of us more adventurous than others?


How to buy used gear: What to look for in used equipment.
Ski Diva’s Holiday Gift Guide, 2022: Some great gift ideas for skiers everywhere.
Today is Giving Tuesday. Here’s how you can help, ski style: Worthy ski-related causes you can contribute to.

Ski Diva’s November pick: How to buy used gear.


Gear Review: Cardo PackTalk Communicator System — A review of a wireless audio system that lets you play music and communicate with other skiers via an intercom, no wi-fi or cell service needed.


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