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Frozen In Place.

I’ve never made any claim about being a super skier. Au contraire. I’m simply someone who loves to ski. A lot. So here I am at Solitude Mountain Resort. And some of the people I’m with encouraged me to do...

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From The Ski Diva Forum

So excited for winter to come! Last season, I was having to really ratchet down my buckles by the en [...]

Any you can think of? I hate ski lifts that have a loading conveyor. Each of Okemo's two lower [...]

I've never been to Deer Valley, but I'm interested in trying it out as a good option for a [...]

I signed my daughter up for a Nordic team just to try something new. She only has a few days on Nord [...]

Not sure how true this is (I'm an East Coast skier), but still, it's pretty funny (from Un [...]

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