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From The Ski Diva Forum

Has anyone skied the Dynastar Intense 12 and/or the Rossignol Nova 14? Especially interested if you are a skier who sometimes slips into the back seat (as I do), I… [...]

I ski Sun Valley. I recently bought Rossignol Experience 84's and I'm having a blast on those. I just broke out of intermediate skiing and suddenly am skiing at a… [...]

I know nothing, so just wondering if anyone out there has solar panels and what things I ought to maybe research. Here's why: We have a gigantic walnut tree in… [...]

In case you're wondering how the pandemic affected US ski resorts, here's an interesting press release put out by the National Ski Area Association: The State of the Ski Industry:… [...]

Lodging is all booked for my first trip out west! Will be going to Steamboat at the end of February! So now it’s time to think about flights. I have… [...]

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