It’s Tee Time!

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 06/04/19 •  1 min read

Warm temperatures are here, and that means it’s time to break out our ski T shirts. And why not? Ski T’s are a great way to remind ourselves of the season we’ve had and keep the stoke going for the season to come. Besides, ski T’s can be a great way to recognize other skiers and break the ice, socially. “Oh, you’ve skied Vail? So have I!”

Many of us have a T or two from our favorite resorts. This year I picked up one from Magic Mountain, here in Vermont:

And a couple years ago, I got this at Big Sky:


But there are lots of ski T’s that aren’t resort-specific. Here are a couple from the Ski Diva store:


And here are a few I found on the web that I liked, either for the graphics or the sentiment or both:

Some Girls Chase Boys; I Pass Them:


Sad + Skiing = Happy:

One Way to Paradise:

Never Underestimate a Girl Who Skis:

Eat, Sleep, Ski:

Like a Regular Girl:

Coffee, Ski, Sleep, Repeat:

Remember, even though it’s summer, you’re still a skier. So wear your ski T’s and let the world know!

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