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Your Turn Women's Clinic at Holiday Valley 1/24-1/25/2024


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I was waiting for Lisa Ballard to post her video to post my report, and yes ,friends... I made the cut. 00:24-00:28, my internet moment of fame (On demo Volkl Blaze 86W demos nonetheless). lol So do with that what you will. I think this means I've ascended as a Diva. That being said, I declared myself "advanced" for this clinic with no couching descriptors like "low" and you know, I held my own just fine with where I was placed. So I guess that makes me an advanced skier even if I feel like a trash pool noodle 99.9% of the time.

All that being said, a lot of my reticence in reviewing this clinic is because I'm just going through it right now, and while I think I got my money's worth as far as things to correct, it was also really overwhelming?? Sounds like @Knitjenious kinda felt the same last year? Like Lisa Ballard, and my coach Jen, were super nice and totally lovely people, and gave me loads of positive feedback and corrections, so I don't want you to think they were super critical. I definiately think they were trying to give me my money's worth in 2 days. but I'm also a perfectionist by nature, and so the laundry list of was a bit overwhelming to get all at once? Pre-Covid I had the the same race coaches year in and year out and so I had 1-2 things to work at fixing each year.

Even the total inundation of info aside, the comraderie in this clinic was great. I met a ton of great supportive women last week, and tbh I may go back next year just to see them again.


Angel Diva
Thank you for sharing your experience! Yay for making it into the video! (And yes, I can toooooooootally commiserate with the overwhelm.) If you do go next year, I might go back too!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Solid!! I hope you wrote stuff down--that's what helps me remember things I've been told in lessons and clinics.


Angel Diva
I want to attend this clinic so badly. I am actually mapping out my time off so that I can make it happen next year.

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