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Would anyone be interested in a Ski Diva face mask?

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How about it? Wouldn't this be a great way to show your Diva pride? I've found a place that can screen print 3-ply cotton face masks with custom artwork. So I'm wondering: who'd be interested a blue facemask with TheSkiDiva logo? BUT....I don't want to order any unless a sufficient number of people are definitely interested. It's $10/mask for 12-23 pieces, $8.50/mask for 24-35 pieces, $7.50/mask for 36-49 pieces. and so on, with the price declining as quantities go up. Of course, there's tax and shipping, too. So if you're definitely interested, put your name in this thread. If we meet the minimum (12), I'll place an order.
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santacruz skier

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I’m interested...though I prefer bandanas when outside.. but yes I would buy a mask


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So I guess we know what team you or your house follows!
I wondered if anyone would think that - but no, actually it was just the first picture I came across that had the two pictures right together. Had it been a team we follow it would have had to be the Red Wings, for my DH.


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If someone has the Gogglesoc, maybe they could put together a prototype for us. Or I'll see what I can do tomorrow. All my ski stuff is at the cottage.

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