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What does you home resort look like in summer?


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Why not a hike up? Chairlift down.....

Funny story... back when I was trying to get my jr. race boots to still work for me we took them up to Mark at Windham b/c he specializes in Zipfits. Mr. tinymoose and I grab beers at the base (Oktoberfest!), ride the chairlift up with our beers, then managed to get ourselves turned around and walking the wrong way on Windham of all places. Everything looks different without snow, I swear. We did finally make it back to the base lodge, beers long gone, and took one more lift ride, but this time round trip.

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I'm not a fan of walking up hill. The downhill aspect is easier and more fun to me.
I really love walking up hills, stairs, etc...also mountain biking up hill as well...burns mega calories...but I'm a SC gal. We're different here!
I really love walking up hills, stairs, etc...also mountain biking up hill as well...burns mega calories...but I'm a SC gal. We're different here!

I love Santa Cruz. I have no doubt all those things are huge calorie burners. I lived in SoCal for most of my adult life and really consider California my home. I kinda stick out in new england like a sore thumb. I'll get back out west one of these days. When I lived there I surfed, ran, walked everywhere and the list goes on and on but I never ever got into doing anything up hill. I'm admittedly lazy and going up hill is just too much work for me. I prefer the downhill and just letting gravity help me along :smile:

DH is a CT native and has never lived anywhere but New England and he's all about uphill and loves all those things.
Meaning Santa Cruz. I only lived in San Diego while at college.... Born and raised in San Francisco!

Oh yeah, I modified my post above to mention Santa Cruz. Love it there. Dragging DH to that part of Cali one of our trips back home. I love Northern Cal. Pacifica is one of my favorite places.


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I admit I'd be all about downhill hiking or running if my knees agreed. I'm one of those who would be way more likely to hike up and take the lift down.


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I took this last weekend as DH was driving us into Breck:

Going to get to see the Arizona Snowbowl and Big Bear, CA in the winter. Just got word that we get to go to my company's annual meeting in San Diego (Coronado) at the end of January 2017. Taking a few days before and after to hang with my people. Hoping to meet up with Badger for some skiing at the Snowbowl and do some skiing in Big Bear. Plan to be in town from 1/21 until 2/5. Definitely buying a sportube now cause we'll need it for Canada anyway.

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