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What does you home resort look like in summer?


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20160625_093748-1600x357.jpg I went up hiking recently and took a nice panorama shot at Alta. (Hopefully it still looks okay compressed enough to upload....) I have to say, it's always good to see what's underneath the snow to know where you're likelier to hit rocks.

Anyone else?

heather matthews

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Here's a summer photo of mine.Quite bleak compared to Alta.Sadly this winter so far it's not looking much better! So far I've only been able to ski my rockhoppers due to the sharkyness that lurks below this seasons thin base.

mount hutt.jpeg


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This is from a few years ago. We've had too much rain this summer (contrary to forecasts) that we haven't been up there yet. Maybe to pick huckleberries if it ever warms up.


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Hey, @RachelV may have some aerial photos to contribute ...

I want to get back to Breck. This weekend's shot for it and DH will be out of town next weekend (relevant because I'd want to stay overnight, and I can't walk the dogs with the knee thing). Eventually ..


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Here's the view from Blue Mountain in PA. Just to the west is a Superfund site recovering from pollution from a Zinc plant that caused decades of acid rain that essentially sterilized the soil so that nothing would grow. To the NW are two of our region's many cement plants. A bit further west is Centralia, a town that has had an underground coal fire burning since 1962. Oh, and if you look juuuuuust to the northwest you'll see Hazelton, PA "The most racist city in America."

Kidding! I mean, it's all true, but I genuinely like living here (except for the rattlesnakes. And the racists).

I was going to post a pic of one of the Vermont resorts I've been biking at lately, but it's not where I live and anyway, Vermont is too easy to love. Say what you will about the Poconos, but Blue has decent runs, cheap season passes, and nightly skiing until 10pm. That's a LOT of potential time on skis for a girl who's trying hard to build skills! And they have a pretty great bike park in the summer, too!




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Hill Climb today on motor cycles at my home bump Royal Mountain. (they moto cross and do other motor sports in summer) All the beer drinking pays for extensive snowmaking. I'd still rather see it all white.. off to work I go but have lots of ski trips planned!


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I'll trust Mr. Bounceswoosh for those views!!

Yeah, and he is happy to take along guests when he's practicing in larger (ie, not just two person) planes. Sadly, I need my leg elevated pretty much all the time, so I haven't been able to do it yet!


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It's kind of a narrow shot, but this is "Miracle Mile" in summer. You can see how well cleared it is and all the trails are cleared this well. It is what allows us to ski easily on a 12 inch base. In SoCal, we depend a lot on man made snow and well cleared trails.
miracle mile in summer.jpg


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I'm heading up to Mammoth in a couple of weeks for summer R&R. Will get some pics.
My home mountain where I teach is Butternut in Western Massachusetts but I bounce between Mount Snow and Bromley in southern Vermont the rest of the time.

Here is Mount Snow in the summer. I didn't take this one but its a pretty one.

Mount Snow Summer.jpg

Here is Michael and I at the top of Bromley as summer was winding down.

Bromley summer.jpg

Here is the Beginner area at Butternut where I spend much of the day with my students. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get a private that's been on other parts of the mountain and I can play a bit but generally during the day on the weekends you can find me here.

Butternut Where I teach.jpg

Here is the middle of main street and the race course which is the closet trail to the learning area so when we get a chance for a quick run this is where we usually head off to. Here is where I have flashbacks of getting off the chair, looking at my watch and going on drat need to be at lineup in 10 minutes, time to zip on down.

Butternut Middle part of main street before race course.jpg Butternut 13173868_10153660035603014_2967880905706159519_n.jpg Butternut racecourse.jpg

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