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TR Lutsen Mountains, MN - Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2022

Amie H

Angel Diva
Yep, it wasn't the ski resort's lodge. It is on the Lake side of 61.


Angel Diva
OH! Bummer! Tough break overall, especially this winter. :(

Amie H

Angel Diva
My Duluth friend that I skied with sent me that headline from the Duluth newspaper this morning. Supposedly fire started in the lobby. I'm guessing more info will be released after fire investigation.
We took note of the lodge on our way to ski.

On a somewhat related note, we are both nursing the same crummy cold right now, guessing we picked it up during our breaks in the Summit lodge but who knows, really. I was masked in both airports.

A cheery addendum to the story: my Duluth friend was my BFF in KINDERGARTEN when I grew up in the Philly area, and our families were friends and did 2 summer vacations together. They moved to Western PA for her dad's job and were out of touch (save our moms' correspondence via Xmas cards.)

A few years ago, on social media, I saw that one of my college friends had a "like" from someone w the same name as my old friend's sister. Yadda yadda yadda I reached out to her online, we met up in Madison, WI for dinner, and we clicked immediately. Whenever we get together, we will stay up talking until we start nodding off! Sometimes I think the internet/social media is a negative influence in society, but reconnecting irl with a good friend is one upside. Also, she's a great skier. Hopefully we can ski together each season.

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