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Thule box options/lock problems...


Angel Diva
We have a Thule box on top of the car and I absolutely hate it. Has anyone found a better option?

The locks are really difficult. Keys have stuck and broken off twice in it, and the lock has had to be replaced. It's awkward to reach inside it, and falls down on my hands a lot. It gets really heavy from snow, (obviously) and that's hard to clean off of it, because it's textured. I think it was made for luggage. All around hassle.

Does anyone have a roof box with a lock that can handle single digit temps? Also, that isn't a total hassle to use? Is Yakima better?


Angel Diva
What model do you have? We have had our current Thule box for well over a decade and have not experienced the issues you describe.


Angel Diva
I agree with Lisa, we have never had an issue with our 10 year Thule box. Ours isn't textured - it is smooth and has been used in sub zero temps many times. Not sure how old yours is but it may be best to reach out to Thule to see if they will replace the hinges or maybe whole box since you have had multiple issues with it.


Angel Diva
Same as the others. Maybe you got a lemon?

Sucks to deal with it, and definitely if it’s hurt you.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Yakima wasn't better. You can buy graphite for frozen lock & squirt it in. It should do the trick for the lock. Buy a long snow sweep thingy. The box was a pain.

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