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TheSkiDiva's Rules of Skiing

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Do any of you have any personal rules for skiing that you live by (or at least try to live by)? I mean, other than the Skier's Responsibiity Code? For example, in another thread, snowski/swimmouse said "Rule #1: Don't ski with jerks." To be sure, a good one. :becky:

What about you? Thought it'd be fun to list them here.


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Well, most importantly to me, since I am so injury prone, is "ski it like I mean it".

This one my husband came up with and I say it in my head everytime I begin down a run. It keeps me properly engaged.
Rules are made to be broken!

So, here're some of my rules, which I frequently break:

- "I don't ski in rain": Broke that a few times, now it's more like "maybe not go out when it's already pouring" :wink:

- "I don't ski Before Christmas": Broke that this year. But the rule is still there.:wink:

- "I don't ski when it's below zero": Broke that and enjoyed. So I guess the rule was silly to start with...:rolleyes:
Rule #4: NEVER take that "One Last Run". :injured:
Beat me to it!
Read this when I first learned to ski, a zillion years ago, figured someone knew from whence they spoke - and have held firm to it to this day.


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Rule #4: NEVER take that "One Last Run". :injured:
I was very good about this rule this year, also.

Mine is to always hydrate! I regret the days this year I did not have my husband's Camelbak to nurse off of on the lift. Therefore, I am asking for a Camelbak Sno Angel pack for my birthday next week :D


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Rule #1: It's all good.

The mountain is one of the only places where this is true, I think.


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Start each new ski day on a easy run to check how conditions are and how skis are responding to them (as well as the day's coordination of the skier:redface:).

I don't always get to do this if I'm skiing with others, but I nearly always will when I'm by myself.


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Zipper Check before you leave the lodge.
I think I finally got that one down

I violated this one at the end of the day today when my friend failed to...

Keep in sight in questionable conditions...
...like when the hill slopes in every direction, the creamy crud has turned to icy cruddy bumps on a black run, and I'm tiiiiiirrrrrred!

My skiing rule: Eat Food at Every Meal! Really!

I hate breakfast and don't like a big meal once I'm active, but if I fail to choke down some calorie-dense food my skiing suffers horribly. So it's McDonald's in the am and a few Builder Bars with coffee for lunch.

Water is easier--run into the cafeteria/restaurant, grab a giant cup, fill it with lukewarm (cold plus a little hot) water, gulp it down in one draught, and run back out! :ski3:


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The time spent driving should not exceed the time spent skiing.

Broke this one when we drove to Åre for 3 days. 30 hours of driving, only 21 hours of skiing.
Don't beat up on myself. (We're out there to enjoy ourselves, not achieve technical perfection – though it can be satisfying to work on technique, but not at the expense of having fun.)


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