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TheSkiDiva is 15 this week! How long have you been a member?

ski diva

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Yep, we're 15 this week! Amazing, isn't it?

I put up a post about it on the blog, if you're interested. Suffice it to say that it's been an honor and a privilege to host such a fantastic group of women. I've made so many wonderful friends and connections here and learned so, so much (which is what the blog post is about).

I know we have some long timers here, as well as some who've been here for just a little while. How long have you been a member? And what do you get out of it?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I joined on Sept 8 of 2006, back when the site was new. That feels like a lifetime ago. It looks like SkiDiva "joined" Sept 3, which consequently must be the birthday of the site.

So close!!! Only five days apart. I don't remember how that happened!


Angel Diva
I have been a member since 2008. What I value most is the real connections I have made. I have met some great ski friends through this site. And the info is good too… Thanks Ski Diva and I hope to meet you one day ✅


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I joined in 2011. I've met so many Divas in real life and have enjoyed skiing in lots of new places with lots of fun people!

santacruz skier

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2014..... I was in Tahoe on my laptop googling skis and found the site.....
thought wow this is right up my alley.... It's been great and fun meeting and skiing with divas IRL....... hope to continue and meet and ski with more divas in 2022 !


Angel Diva
December 2016, when I was getting ready to ski for the first time. TSD has been an education, a community, and the site itself has been a friend through some tough times. I’ve given and received advice on health issues, skiing, and life, argued about feminist issues, and asked for love and prayers when my daughter was hospitalized with preeclampsia.

Not to mention making friends, who are closer with every passing year.


Thank you, Wendy and moderators! What a gift to the international women’s ski community!



Angel Diva
Signed up in March 2009 after lurking for a bit. Have become friends and ski buddies with far more Ski Divas than from any other ski forum. TSD has made a huge difference in my enjoyment of ski trips and knowledge about all things skiing, as well as other topics. I expect that will continue for years to come.

Thanks, Wendy! :clap:



Angel Diva
I think it was sometime in 2009. Not sure what I was googling, but came across SD and thought YES! I've since met and skied with divas from all over.

Only thing that's a bit sad is that some people who used to post a lot (and had interesting stories to tell) have disappeared - and I've never learned the end of their stories!


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2014, but lurked for a year or so before that. I was seeking info for ski demo and purchase after being sold skis too short and too soft after I failed to hype my own skiing to a (male) ski shop sales person when buying my first shaped skis. Lots of great info on equipment, informative trip reports, and of course incentive and support for patterned pants!


Angel Diva
2018. I joined because I wanted to stay connected with a community that is psyched to ski while moving to the Mid-Atlantic. The move did not stick (I’m back in Vermont) but I stayed because of the amazing trip reports and intel on ski resorts, the knowledgeable posters, and the kind and supportive environment! I’ve met some really nice people through here too.

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