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SkiDiva success story

You all, I am so excited. Yesterday, I took the plunge and bought ski boots. (PLUS-- something that anyone who has been at home with kid(s) for the last year due to pandemic will understand-- I got to take the 1-hour drive to the ski shop ALONE! Gloriously alone. LOL)

Thanks to all of you awesome ladies, I was able to realize my old rental boots were WAY too big. (27.5s that I insisted on because of foot pain due to a wide spot.) Because of you, I went to a shop with actual boot fitters. Because of you, I was able to very accurately describe my current ski level and my goals. And because of you, I worked for 1.5 hours with the fitter on tweaking the fit to get it right (including bumping out the shell on that pesky wide spot!) New size 25.5.

I skied on them yesterday afternoon and was BLOWN AWAY at the difference it made. All the things I have been working on were so much easier! Staying fully parallel on blue turns, picking up a little more speed, using my edges, absorbing and moving with little bumps. OMG. My husband the skier was like, "wow, you looked really good out there today!" I have known what to do and been trying to do it all season, but couldn't until now!

Finally, because of you all, I was also able to read and learn that the amount of thigh soreness I was having in the new boots wasn't just my out-of-shape legs using different muscles, and I adjusted the cuff profile to allow me a more neutral stance (which I wasn't getting even while standing, though I am sure I also need to keep working on "getting out of the backseat.") And I won't be afraid to go back in to the fitter to tweak them further if needed.

My skiing advanced so much in one day. I am going to get so much joy out of these boots. Thanks for being awesome ski divas!

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THIS is TheSkiDiva way: women skiers coming through for other women skiers. I'm so glad you found the help you needed here, and so proud of our community for being there for you.

Congrats on the new boots. May they bring you loads of happy ski days.

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