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Password Reset Problems


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Even though I save all my passwords both on my computer and in a password lockbox, my SkiDiva PW was recently refused. Today I went through your reset process. The new PW worked fine to access my account. But when I went to the reset password page and re-entered that same PW, I received an error message stating that my old password was incorrect. I hope this doesn't mean my original PW is required for the change. If I knew that, I wouldn't be asking for a new one.

I have made three attempts, being extremely careful that there are no copying errors and trying not to feel paranoid about my welcome at SkiDiva. Inasmuch as the PW I was given is "incorrect" when I attempt to use it on TapaTalk as well, I am assuming it is temporary and future attempts to log on to SD will also be refused. However, my attempt to reset my password was immediate. They is no reason for it to have "expired" within so short a time!

If I may I suggest a device used on other sites: a check box that allows the user to view the password rather that a series of dots is very helpful.

I would appreciate any help with this matter.
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ski diva

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Sorry for your problems, FoxyRoxy. I can't imagine what's causing the difficulty. Let me see if I understand this correctly: you're trying to change the password from the one that was given you and that's the one that's being refused? That's really odd and I have no idea why that'd be happening. That said, the password you've been assigned should work. I'll do some digging around and see if I can find anything about this.

I appreciate your suggestion about allowing users to view their passwords. I'm not sure it's possible with the software I have, but I'll look into it.

ski diva

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FR, can you try requesting another password? I've been trying to duplicate your issue, and though I had a problem with the first password I received, a new one seemed to do the trick.

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