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Nordic Valley in Utah closed temporarily due to lodge fire mid-Jan 2024


Angel Diva
Unfortunately the old lodge at Nordic Valley in Utah essentially burned down. It was a pretty small wood building and had everything in it (ticket office, cafeteria, rentals, etc.). No damage to any lift or other buildings at the base.

January 16, 2024
" . . .
Nordic Valley is offering credits to guests who purchased lift tickets for the period that the resort remains closed. Season pass refunds are not being offered, although officials said that policy remains subject to review. Meanwhile, holders of the resort’s Power Pass are being encouraged to visit nearby Power Pass sister mountains Brian Head Resort, Utah, Purgatory Resort, Colo., and Arizona Snowbowl–all, like Nordic Valley, owned by Mountain Capital Partners.

Officials said that while lifts are undamaged, “we will not be running the lifts until we know we can operate safely. In the meantime, we are working on our new operating plan so we can get the lifts running as quickly as possible.”

Uphill travel also is “highly discouraged” since the fire department closed the road leading to the resort as the investigation into the lodge fire continues.

“Our first priority is to ensure our employees and guests safety,” ski area officials stated. “While our lifts have been unaffected, many other critical operations (and necessities, like bathrooms) were impacted severely. Please know that we are actively working on solutions that will allow us to reopen as quickly as we can.”"


Angel Diva
They've had such a rough year with their lift breaking, too :cry:
Are you thinking about the Hesperus lift?

Hopefully Mountain Capital Partners isn't too overextended with too many capital projects. They have been doing a lot in recent years. Sandia will need investment to get things running again.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Are you thinking about the Hesperus lift?
One of Nordic loft that accessed the other side of the mountain was broken down at the beginning of the season. They had some make shift sled thing to take people over there. And had just gotten it repaired. It's been a rough season for them.

The lift was broken down at the end of last season.


Angel Diva
Happy to report that Nordic Valley has figured out how to re-open. Started with season pass holders on Jan. 18.

UPDATE: January 18th, 8:00pm

Today, we welcomed season pass holders back to the mountain and this marks one of the first major milestones as we begin to get our resort back up to speed after the fire. Efforts are ongoing to establish the necessary infrastructure for processing lift tickets, rentals, and lessons. Our team is dedicated and actively working to ensure a smooth operation for the full opening of the resort and we are eagerly awaiting your return. Please stay tuned for additional updates regarding the full opening of the resort.


Angel Diva
As of early February, Nordic Valley has re-opened gear rentals and has food trucks for food service. No indoor seating but there are tables outdoors with heat sources. Hours for the lifts seem to be normal, including night skiing 3-8pm Mon-Sat.

Very impressive how fast they were able to pivot after the fire.

February 1, 2024

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