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Goggles over Glasses


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My experience with OTG goggles led me to get contact lenses. I just couldn't stop the fogging. I do wish someone would make prescription goggle lenses (not just inserts).
I wish that too, though generally goggles over glasses work for me. The key for me is not dressing too warmly, which would make me too warm, which causes me to sweat, which causes fogging.

But this thread just made me realize – – I got new glasses this year, which are a little trendier than my last pair, which means they are bigger, and I wonder if these will fit under my goggles. I bet they won't. I might have to go shopping to try goggles on to see if anything will work.


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Have you tried any of the visor helmets? I was asking today at the local shop. But he only sells the Salomon one and doesn't wear glasses.
@mustski I use the Oakley Line Miner Inferno Snow. They don't have a fan, but a defogger similar to the one on your rear windshield.

They are expensive and somewhat heavy but they work really well, even in wet snowy Mammoth conditions.


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As someone who wears glasses too I found that I was never able to find a pair of goggles that fit properly over my glasses. I made the switch to contact lenses and it has worked much better for me.

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I have awful eyesight and contacts wouldn’t fit. Always had thick glasses. I have Smith I/O X goggles and Smith visor helmet (can’t remember the model but it’s got a visor and adjustable vents on top) and fogging has not been an issue. Like Christy, I got new (and larger) glasses this year and, while it still fits, it takes a little more fussing to get the whole set up comfortable on my face. I tried other OTG goggles, and the Smith I/O X was the most comfortable.


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I just bought a Head Queen helmet. My glasses fit under the visor. Not sure how it's going to work...fogging etc. I usually wear contacts for sports. But it will be nice to have a choice.
I discovered in the last week that my current glasses fit better in my I/OS goggles than my previous glasses. For spring skiing when I'm only planning on skiing until early afternoon, nice to have the option of not putting in my daily wear contacts.

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