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Help Needed: OTG goggles

Has anyone had luck with a particular model/brand of over-the-glasses goggles? I have a need which might be temporary - and might not. (Have always worn contacts, current issue prevents this.) Really want to go skiing before said issue resolves, which hopefully it will.

I know - it’s mostly a matter of what fits the individual best. But this is a Whole New Ball Game for me, alas. I know my choices will be significantly less than if I didn’t need to wear over glasses. Would rather not break the bank; this is a surprise “need.”

My best no-glasses fit: Oakley Crowbar, fyi. Women’s goggles don’t even span my orbital bones.

Would love some input/direction and always know I can count on y'all.
I've always had good luck with Smith. Their basic OTG with an amber lens is $50.
I have worn the Caribou OTG http://www.smithoptics.com/Root/Men's/Goggles/Snow/CARIBOO-OTG/p/CB3CBK10, and the Monashee OTG http://www.smithoptics.com/Root/Men's/Goggles/Snow/MONASHEE-OTG/p/MN3EBK10

Last summer I got a great deal on their prophecy goggle http://www.smithoptics.com/Root/Men's/Goggles/Snow/PROPHECY/p/PR6DXBP13 with the blue sensor lens from backcountry.com http://www.backcountry.com/smith-prophecy-goggle. Normally it retails for $110.

It's a little big on my face, coming pretty far down on my cheeks. It is close fitting around my glasses but doesn't pinch or put pressure on anything. It does pull at my glasses frames a little when I take it on and off. I keep my goggles down the whole time I'm skiing so it's not a problem but someone who puts their goggles up and down frequently might find it annoying/want an eye glass retainer.


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Just purchased smith prophecy OTG googles for a great price at Evo Oulet for my son. They haven't arrived yet, so can't speak to function or fit. I already have some Smith googles that I really like, so I'm hoping for the best.
I wear Oakley Stockholm's, which aren't a specific OTG goggle. They're also a women's Oakley goggle, so if they don't work for you without your glasses...probably not going to work with them!
Thanks, all. Well, the search is on. Tried some at local shop today. Smith's - at least this model - no way. Couldn't even get my frames in them. Nice sensor mirror lens, though. Giro fit better. However, not paying ski shop prices. Decided to blind-order some Scott Heli OTG via Level Nine, roll of the dice. My glasses lenses are 52mm wide, 15mm high, FTR. And have always worn "men's" (not women-specific) goggles. Something will work. Won't get here in time (obviously-) to ski this weekend. But -- maybe next? Crossing fingers and toes. L9 is a good outfit. Some also bookmarked on evo.


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I look forward to your update on this, MSL. I normally wear contacts while skiing, but can't really tolerate them for too long or too often. For our upcoming Utah holiday, we're looking at 30 consecutive days skiing, give or take, which I'm pretty sure my eyes won't be too thrilled about. We've done up to 15 days with one or two off in between for driving between resorts, and that's about all I've been able to stand so far. I hate wearing glasses for sport, but the discomfort from prolonged contacts-wearing is becoming worse, so OTG goggles may be the answer in future. My current glasses seem kind of wide for fitting under standard goggles, and I'd normally also wear unisex sizing, so I await your thoughts ... Also considering prescription goggles, though that seems somewhat extreme at this point.

Can also recommend L9 -- extra bonus for us down under is good shipping rates.
@Magnatude, sorry to hear you're having similar issues. The good news: you will be, presumably, in/around Salt Lake City, which should have endless sporting goods/skiing inventories for you to try on. Certainly more than I have in the Appalachian boonies. So mine is a true shoot-from-hip situation - plus one whose permanence isn't altogether certain (although optometrist warned me that, eventually, the "party" would be over :frown:).

There likely will also be better deals to be had where you'll be headed. Most here is straight-up retail. I can do better once I know what I need to buy. In the interim...the search is on. Blowing off skiing this weekend as I cannot fathom skiing with glasses or goggles and minimal vision. And not willing to part with $120, which is the cost of what seemed to fit okay, locally.


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After trying numerous goggles, I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Smith phenom with prescription inserts. They have the fan. They were very expensive but they are the first goggles that I have had where I can see with no weird depth perception issues and no fogging.
I have not had to use the fan at all.

I only need glasses for distance and can't seem to get the hang of contacts so it was worth the investment for me.


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I, too, am interested in what you find out. I haven't tried the goggles with fans but so far every OTG goggle fogs on me something awful. I use contacts still - sparingly- but expect that option to disappear in the relatively near future. I use very LARGE prescription sunglasses whenever possible to prop long my contact use window.
In hunting around at home, I found some Smith I/O that *might* work, at least for the time being. Did the whole helmet try-on. Glasses come off when I remove goggles, which will make things tricky. But at least I might be able to go skiing until a suitable glasses-specific set happens.

My affected eye isn’t feeling particularly wonderful or resolved, even with using rx drops – so have to start facing the music.

No idea if these Smiths will fog; they aren’t specific OTG. When I have a goggle-fogging issue, I generally stop dead in my tracks. Oakley Crowbars never have, once. Alas - that was then, this is now.

Glasses are not optional for me. Without, I will walk into walls. Rx inserts would mean I’d need to carry around $400+ double-indexed-lens eyeglasses when goggles get raised. Would rather wear, not carry, for that price!

Stay tuned.
Got some Giro Index in the mail today (pre-snow storm) that feel pretty good with glasses - much better than the non-OTG Smith I/O - a great goggle but not meant for that. Can raise and lower goggles without affecting glasses, and they interface as hoped with Giro helmet. Now, whether or not they - and the glasses - fog? TBD. Eye still needs another 4-5 days of medication before contacts feel okay. If ever. Who knows. At least now I can go skiing - and SEE!


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I got some OTG goggles last year - Smith Phenom, I think - they are still packed away. Anyways, it was great to be able to read trail maps at Okemo last year. I did have problems w/ my glasses fogging. I spoke w/ my optician this summer and he gave me some wipes called "Fog Buster" - it seems to be a 2 wipe process - I haven't tried it because I am still about a month out from skiing. He also told me my spray defogger for my diving mask would also work. The mask defogger would probably have to be applied either at home before leaving or in the ladies room as there is usually a fresh water rinse step w/ mask defogger.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Mr. skibum and I purchased fans which fit into your goggles and prevent fogging. We used them last winter and they actually worked.

I'm not sure I'm allowed to post an Ebay link on the forum, but I can provide it if you PM me.
I spit in my mask to prevent fogging when diving, but I'm not sure that would work in a scenario where the eyewear is meant to be dry on the inside.

I don't have specific OTG goggles and I never have problems with the goggles fogging. Sometimes my glasses fog on the lift, particularly when I'm wearing a neck gaiter or facemask that I'm breathing into. They clear as soon as I start skiing again and get some air flow. I've just gotten used to making the first 2 turns slightly fogged, or I slightly lift my goggles to allow a bunch of cold air in just as I start to move and then it's more like 1 turn.

Then again, I've never really skied without glasses (I started skiing at 4 and got glasses at 5), so maybe I have an advantage in the "used to it" department.

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