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Après Skier

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Here’s a little game to keep the quarantine blues at bay
How to play:
1) Attempt to guess the resort in the most recently posted photo.
2) The photo may represent any aspect of any worldwide snow sport resort.
3) The first to correctly guess wins:
~ the right to post the next photo
~ 1-point for knowing the correct resort
~ 1-bonus point for sharing a witty antecdote or fun fact about the resort.
4) We are free to give hints, share fun facts, and tell stories to our heart’s content.
5) The goal of this game is to enjoy, share, reminisce, and learn from each other.
6) A fabulous prize (TBD) will be awarded to the first Diva to reach 21 points.

Please allow me to begin. Where was this taken?
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ski diva

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Great idea for a game!

I have no idea where this is, though I'm thinking somewhere in Utah.

Après Skier

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
@Christy Bravo! Well done! 1- point for your correct answer with the option for a bonus point if you share a story or fun fact. It is not a requirement to name the exact trail. In any case, it is your turn to post a photo :smile:

Après Skier

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Ok, this is a guess, I’ve never been to this resort but I have been dreaming about it ever since I caught glimpse of James Niehues’ gorgeous new trail map. Is it Mt Bachelor OR ?

PNG image.png
@elemmac This is one of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen!!! Just looking at this image brings joy to my heart.
Aww. Thank you, that is so sweet! :love:

What I find crazy is I had my nice camera with me on this trip. Yet, this was one of my favorites of the entire trip...TAKEN WITH MY iPhone 7!

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