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Forum page not secure

ski diva

Staff member
Can someone please post a screen shot? And tell me what browser you're using?


Angel Diva
Here's a couple from my desktop - browser is Chrome. It was like this on my tablet, too, which is Safari. I'll check Edge, too. Ok, back from the Edge - same thing over there.




Ski Diva Extraordinaire
From my phone, Google on Android version 10:

Phone was updated on August 26. I believe that was when I started seeing these issues. My phone has been cranky ever since, leaving me wondering if the update is buggy or the device is approaching end of life. ("Cranky" = typing on this forum or on Pug, if I backspace, it kicks me out of typing/edit mode. I have to scroll back to content, hit the correct spot with my finger to place the cursor there, then resume typing. In other apps, this behavior does not occur.)

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