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Awww, Lark is so cute! I'm so glad "we" got her!

Puppies are all-consuming, but the result is worth the investment. And they bring their own time warp -- Brittany, a beagle puppy I had many years ago, would not learn anything. Nothing. No matter what. A couple of weeks passed and she instantly knew everything I had been trying to teach her. Yay! So I moved on to the next puppy lesson. Huh? What? Nothing. Then, Boom! Out of the blue, she knew all the new things. I started saying her brain grew, that it had no room for new info until its next growth spurt.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Aww, I just love everyone's dogs! What a bunch of cuties.
Sprocket update:

Sprocket is going to be 20 on Labor Day. Don't faint; you know little dogs live longer, and he is among the littlest. He can barely see and hear, has accidents (much worse than drool on the floor) (sorry, I couldn't resist), and bumps into the wall and steps in his food dish, spilling everything. I have repeatedly thought we reached the end, but he rallied and seemed to come back to a more-or-less alert and comfortable state.

He sleeps in his "apartment" - a little fenced off corner of the living room where he has a bed, water, sometimes food, and a puppy pee pad, all on top of an old shower curtain.

The things we do for love. IMG_0555.jpg

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