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Bootfitters by Region -USA - Eastern, Central, Mid-Atlantic

Olesya Chornoguz

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have a recommendation for an excellent bootfitter in Philadelphia area - Billy Kaplan. He is also a certified pedorthist.
1753 Bridgetown Pike
Feasterville PA

I had a lot of unusual needs for bootfitting - much taller and heavier woman than average, long tibia legs that needed tall and stiff boots, limited dorsiflexion, but narrow feet. He was able to put me in the boots that worked with minor tweaks. I am in stiff men's boots because of physiology, weight/height and ski level. I feel like for the first time in my skiing I am in the right boots.

I highly recommend Billy, he is very knowledgeable, very good at evaluating alignment issues and he also he really listened to me and what I need in my skiing. He does full alignment evaluation on the first meeting, which is great in my opinion.


Certified Ski Diva
I realize this is an old post but I had 2 to add I had not seen on this thread.
For VT: Racestock Sports - 69 S Main St, Waterbury, VT 05676

PJ Dewey is a master bootfitter. He is AWESOME. He fit my daughter and her funky feet and I was so impressed by his process, my next boots will likely come from here because of him. Nice guy. She races for a club team at UVM but I didn't want top of the line race boots as she still does more free skiing then racing. He never tried to upsell us, just worked with our needs and budget. She got custom insoles she can use for a good 10 years and this is where he was worth every penny. He was reasonable and really knows his stuff. Google him..there are some great articles about him. You don't have to be a racer to use him but for those that do, you will never want to go anywhere else.

MA: Summit Ski Shop - 686 Worcester Rd. (Rt 9 East), Framingham, MA 01702

Teddy has owned this business for years and has a solid customer base from not just MA but New England. We have bought many boots from here and have had great bootfitting services. They are Master certified bootfitters.
Update: Summit has closed permanently. Race Stock Sports continues to be awesome in Waterbury, VT. Fit my hubby in 2018 and I just went up and got fitted for new boots yesterday. So we travel 3.5 hrs one way just for the custom fit PJ's shop provides.


Certified Ski Diva
We bought our boots with Greg’s expert help this year! He’s the best!
I'm glad that you and your family had a good experience too! Greg fitted me with new boots when I was getting back into skiing ~5 years ago after a long hiatus. He owned Heino's Ski Shop for years but retired from that so that he could spend more time with this family. :smile:


Diva in Training
Just brought my 5 year old boots (approx 40 ski days) that I've been wearing "off the shelf," in for some tweaking to a shop recommended by my brother who has really weird feet, here in Boston. My 2 little toes on each foot get numb even with mild temps, happens faster and all toes get cold/numb in cold temps.

I purchase small rather than large because I like a snug fit, sticking to brand I've had success with, Tecnica, These were a few years old model, in the box and off price, when I bought them from a random ski shop in NH that I visited after picking up my kid at summer camp. Viva Demon 100 flex. Brave, but I had an idea of what I wanted and so far, except for the toes issue they've been great.

Bootfitter's Name: Dylan (I picked him base on reviews)
Name of Shop: The Ski Monster
Address of Shop: 60 Canal Street, Boston 02114
Phone Number: 617.227.7770
Website: www.theskimonster.com
Email: [email protected]

Additional Comments:

Dylan listened.
He looked.
He measured.
He listened.

He observed that I was borderline for size between 24.5 and 25.5, so that with sub optimal positioning, he's not surprised an issue would arise since my boots are 24.5. He says I have a low-mid vol foot and am in an appropriate boot. Yay me for making a sound purchase! I told him that indeed when I first put on my boots the toes touched at the end but when I buckled in and flexed, they pulled back with room to wiggle toes. He says my foot tends to pronate/arch rolls in, also true. He suspected that I was getting compression over peroneal nerve that runs below outer ankle bone and along foot and perhaps over top of foot, maybe because of how my foot rolls in the boot. That was my diagnosis, but I did not lead him on, and wanted to see if he'd come to a similar theory. I had no idea as to solution . . . .adjusting cant, cuff angle, buckles, footbeds, orthotics inserts, shims . . . all beyond me. He says if the foot is supported and positioned better in the boot, I can avoid that compression.

He suggested a solution, which is where the expertise comes in. First of all, commercial footbeds instead of the ones that come in the boot that have no arch support. He brought out low and med arch. Since med arch did not feel too much pressure, we went with that. He also suggested small wedges under the heels. He did all this while I waited, and then I put on the boots, and right away felt a little more room in the toes . . . is this possible? and then I stomped around admiring the skis and outerwear for 30 minutes. Boots felt great. He did not upsell me any custom footbeds, liners, or heaters, and I think came up with a plausible solution. He listened . . . imagine that!!

Next time I need tweaking or new boots I will go to him. He really listens and seems to be into problem solving, not selling, although I'm sure he'd be happy to sell me new boots. As far as the wedges . . . I've been reading and I see these are controversial. But I know I have long femurs, and mildly tight hamstrings and Achilles', so it is plausible that that will keep my instep and heel better engaged without having to buckle down so hard and they position me slightly more forward, which is good since I'm told that I have an unaggressive stance that belies my technique. So the proof will be in the pudding (or the powder). I will update once I've skied a few days in the tweaked boots. The heel wedges can always be removed.

TheSkiMonster works by appointment only, you book on line and can book to a specific fitter, i.e. Dylan. They are covid cautious limiting numbers and allowing for distancing in the shop. Location is terrible . . . right near Boston Garden, but I'm a city person and not daunted by this . . . I walked from work. The municipal Haymarket garage is right nearby for all you country folk. The staff is all young and they seem to be ski bros and ski chicks, but they are all skiers and they know their stuff.

Dylan really seemed interested in hearing about and then solving my problem. Yay Dylan!

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I also had my boot fitted by Dylan at the SkiMonster. No upscale for sure, but nor did I get the most optimal fit. Mine is not too bad given how weird my feet are (freakishly small-size 22.0 but exceptionally wide).

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