Author: Wendy Clinch

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From The Ski Diva Forum

So I have a non-displaced closed fracture. I had initial xrays, the podiatrist looked at them this morning and said come back in 3 weeks for another round, and we'll… [...]

As the title suggests... We gave Breaking Bad a try: with all the Emmys it has won, critical acclaim, raving fan base - but it's not for us. It's way… [...]

Today I was driving from the Poconos in eastern PA to Long Island. Traveling solo with no schedule so I could stop by American Dream to check out the mall… [...]

So I’m thinking of getting new boots this year and I’m 46. I have watched almost all of my female friends stop skiing hard stuff somewhere between 45 and 50.… [...]

Hi ladies, Just to follow up with all of you on my vaccine experience. Yesterday morning I received the J&J and it so far has been very positive. I had… [...]

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