Author: Wendy Clinch

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From The Ski Diva Forum

I'm going to have some time off in October, and I want to do a fun solo trip. One idea is looking at fall colors in Vermont/etc. Not only have… [...]

I'm boredly awaiting the start of my season, just under 3 months off. I started thinking about the goals I have for this upcoming season: * make at least 2… [...]

Yet another post about boot fit I'm afraid. I've had some problems with my current boots - Nordica Striders. Finally got the left boot pretty much where I want (ie… [...]

So I’m thinking of getting new boots this year and I’m 46. I have watched almost all of my female friends stop skiing hard stuff somewhere between 45 and 50.… [...]

I'm a 73 years old intermediate skier who lives near Chicago. The idea of advancing out of or at least up from Blue runs has always interested me. Anyone know… [...]

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