You know you’re a female skier when……

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 01/14/14 •  3 min read

Women skiers have different priorities than women who don’t ski. The passion we have for the sport makes us view the world a little bit, shall we say, differently. How differently? I asked the women on how they’d complete the following sentence:

You know you’re a female skier when _________

And here are some of the answers they gave:

1) When you’d rather have new gloves than a manicure.




Not this.

Not this.








2) When you buy underthings that wick sweat.

3) When a Winter Storm Warning is issued and everyone else is out buying driveway salt and candles, but you’re waxing skis and posting Woo Hoo on your Facebook page.



4)  When ski days find you up earlier and barking orders louder than school/work days so you can get your family to the mountain early enough for fresh tracks.

5) When you skip Black Friday shopping to go skiing.

6) When waxing has nothing to do with hair removal.


7)  When you don’t think of jeans sizes when it comes to waist.


8) When you have summer and winter cuts for your toenails.

9) When the diamonds you’re interested in have more to do with ski trails than jewelry.



10) When doing your hair involves putting it in braids.

11) When you check out other ladies’ skis in the lift line, instead of checking out the guys.

12) When the only boots that are really worth deep 3 figures are the ones that will get you down the hill.


13) When you only get a bikini wax when you know there’ll be a hot tub in your ski accommodation.

14) When you don’t want your daughter to take ballet or gymnastics on weekends so the two of you can drive 3+ hours each way to go skiing on weekends, instead.

15 ) When you have yourself depicted for the top of your wedding cake with skis.



16) When you own more outerwear then you can ever use and you don’t bother with non-technical outwear.

17) When you screw up your nose  at ridiculously cheap trips to Fiji and save for 2 years to miss part of summer to ski in the northern hemisphere. [from a New Zealander]

18) When you iron often, but your clothes are always wrinkled.



19) When putting on your high heels means raising the climb angle on your AT bindings.



20) When you belong to online ski communities, like, so you can talk about skiing alllllllllllllllll year long.


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