Why I’m a little in love with Lindsey Vonn.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 03/20/12 •  3 min read

Okay, not to sound all stalker-ish and creepy about this, but you have to admit: It’s hard not to be a little in love with Lindsey Vonn.

I don’t think you can blame me. After all, Lindsey’s won four overall World Cup championships — one of only two female skiers to do so — three of them consecutively (2008, 2009, and 2010). She’s also the first American woman to win the Gold in the Downhill (2010 Winter Oympics), as well as the winner of five consecutive World Cup season titles in the Downhill, four consecutive titles in the Super G, and three consecutive titles in the Combined.

Makes me woozy just to think about it.

All this is more than enough to earn her the admiration of just about anyone with a pulse. But it’s not the only reason I love Lindsey. Here are a few more for you:

1) She doesn’t indulge in the drama queen stuff that other racers (* cough * cough * Bode Miller * cough * cough) do. She trains like crazy, goes out to compete, and gets the job done, all without being a prima donna. It’s refreshing, to say the least.

2) She’s a great role model. Female superstar athletes are few and far between, and it’s wonderful to see someone who girls can look up to, especially in snowsports. She says that she, herself, was inspired by Picabo Street. Here’s hoping she’s an inspiration to loads of young girls, too.

3) She’s bringing a lot of positive press to skiing. And more importantly, to women’s skiing. I love that people who might not otherwise pay attention to skiing know who Lindsey Vonn is, and follow her, too.

4) She’s tenacious. There’s nothing I respect more than someone who doesn’t let a little setback hold them down. For example, before the 2010 Winter Olympics, Lindsey suffered an extreme contusion to her shin. Did that hold her back? No. Did she whine and complain? No. She got out there and won.

5) She was asked to a homecoming dance by a 16-year old boy, and she accepted! Not because it got her a lot of attention — which it did — but because she found his sweetness hard to resist. The eptiome of graciousness.

6) She’s gorgeous, so she turns the oft-held stererotype of the ugly female jock on its head. I love that someone can be that great at sports and that beautiful, too.

So even though it’s sort of too bad she didn’t break the 2,000 point record for one season, overtaking Austrian great Hermann Maier’s 12-year-old mark, that’s fine by me. She still had an amazing season. And the idea that she didn’t win something sort of humanizes her. I said sort of. As does her divorce and her rocky relationship with her father.

Of course, no one’s perfect. And really, I don’t know Lindsey at all. Perhaps I’d be terribly disappointed if I did. Maybe she has annoying habits, like cracking her gum or using “Like” all the time. It’s possible.

But all in all, this is someone whose career is a pleasure to follow. And if it all ends tomorrow, we can all say she’s had a great run. Excuse me — I mean many great runs.

And that’s why I love Lindsey Vonn.


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