These days, you can’t shake a stick without running into the term Diva. There’s the Kitchen Diva, the Nutrition Diva, the Social Diva, the Surf Diva, The Gluten-Free Diva (who happens to be a friend of mine). Not to mention all the businesses that have Diva in their names: Outdoor Divas, Hotel Diva, Diva magazine. And loads of Diva products: Diva shoes, Diva skis, a Diva cup for your menstrual cycle. You get the idea.

When I named this site nearly six years ago, I never thought I was jumping on the buzz word bandwagon. It just seemed like a good way to go. Even though the term Diva  originally referred to opera stars, it’s become a term for a successful woman. To me, Ski Diva seems empowering. Passionate. Even sexy. It means, We’re powerful women who love to ski. We can be feminine, but that doesn’t mean we’re weak. We can act and think for ourselves. And if you don’t like it, move aside;  you’re blocking the trail.

So there.

I know, a lot to gather from two little words. But words define us. They tell people who we are and what we aspire to be. Ski Diva has long been a common term for successful women skiers. And if we aspire to be Ski Divas, then that’s A-Okay with me.

So what does it mean to be a Ski Diva?  I asked the women on TheSkiDiva forum what they thought, and here’s what some of them said:

  • When you ask your boyfriend for a pair of skis instead of an engagement ring, and then are kind of sad you didn’t get the skis when he does end up proposing;
  • When you time your pregnancy around ski season;
  • When you forego clothes shopping the rest of the year to save for fabulous ski gear;
  • When you spend most of the summer dreaming of snow and counting down the days ’til winter;
  • When your friends are all planning beach vacations for Christmas and you’re booking a ski trip;
  • When you have no problem dropping $800+ on a new setup, but when it’s time to spend $200 on work appropriate attire you think about *what else* that money could go towards;
  • When you compare potential purchases in terms of the cost of X lift tickets or Y ski trips, and are training your daughter to think the same way.
  • When PT after an ACL injury is all about getting back on the slopes;
  • When you browse alpine property websites every day of the year just in case the one unmissable, beautiful, cheap, perfectly located, characterful, small but perfectly formed ski chalet comes on the market in your favorite resort;
  • When the only reason you play the lottery is because that will enable you to buy aforementioned propery .and you know that when you win the lottery, your first thought has to be how to help family and friends, but then your next thought is….“but what if that means I can’t buy my ski chalet?”…
  • The thought of getting old is okay as long as you can ski till the day you die at the ripe old age of 90+;
  • By early August you literally ache with yearning for any opportunity to ski;
  • By mid-August the flights and hotel are lined up and about to be booked;
  • Your family knows the only time they’ll see you in the winter is when they plan their vacation in nearby ski resorts;
  • When you plan your multiple surgeries with only one date in mind: Will I be able to ski by Dec. 1?
Of course, being a Ski Diva  means different things to different people. That’s okay, too. But for the women who belong to TheSkiDiva, it means one thing above all: a love for skiing. I think we all have that, in spades.